Slovak-Hungarian Tension Thanks to Politicians

Parliamentary speaker Pavol Paska is enraged after discovering that the Hungarian parliamentary committee for cohesion plans to have a session in the town of Komarno in Slovakia.

Paska objects strongly to how such a national assembly of Hungary could organise the meeting in Komarno without any official notification or protocol with Slovakia, referring to the move as unprecedented.

Paska plans to send a letter to his Hungarian counterpart László Kövér demanding an explanation, while noting that relations between the countries must be built on mutual respect. Paska relayed a message to Kövér by way of the Hungarian ambassador Csabo Balogh, whom he met with today. At a press briefing, Paska informed that he had “requested the ambassador to inform the speaker of Hungarian Parliament that they did not regard such approaches as standard and would strongly object to them”.

The Hungarian committee for cohesion is responsible for establishing contact with Hungarians outside of Hungary, essentially to promote their sense of patriotism, and the committee now has a sub-committee for autonomy. So even when there are no tensions between the two countries, we can rely on politicians to mix up trouble by such provocative gestures.


  1. A wekk later and some truth appears in these muddy waters.
    The Hungarian Committee asked for permission to hold this meeting through their ambassador, presumably via Gaspar the Ghost and by direct contact with the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry.
    The SFAM have denied being approached but waited a week before doing so claiming to have only become aware of the meeting from the Hungarian govts. website and there is a stoney silence from the presidential palace.
    My money goes on the Hungarian story, this committee meets regularly in the Ukraine, Slovenia and Romania with no problems.
    As a Hungarian spokesman said ” Maybe it is unusual for Slovakia but I think it is normal because we live in one common European Union”
    Meanwhile Paska’s law breaking has passed by unnoticed and unpunished.

  2. LOSGAR – George M has trashed your car parking analogy but try this one for size, and see if the message sinks in:

    George and I meet in the street, outside your house, and start chatting. You come out and say you object to use talking outside your house, in the street, without your permission. I’ll leave the rest of the story to your imagination.

  3. Dimwit, your example is bizzare~ if you are using a public road, not causing an obstruction to a driveway, you have the right to park where you like , not have to ask permission of the person living in the house ???? I guess this is normal Aryan Slovak behavior to `trash the lawn or blocking the drive` . What happened to communication ? Or do you also believe in the Slovak habit of banging on the communal radiator pipes ( as happened to my friend) when you play the TV too loud ..rather than knock and ask them to turn the TV down .

    You example as you always are , confused . Are you sure when you went to London you did not stand in dog poo, rather than horse shite ?

  4. Ah ha , now I found that horse shit smell 🙂

  5. LOSGAR – Foreign parliamentary and US Senate committees have held meetings in the UK for a variety of reasons and they have been made welcome. A foreign delegation often visits another country to gather information, share experiences etc. The decisions or recommendations of such bodies are not applicable in the host country – they can’t change the host countrys’ laws. (*). The Hungarians are using their commonsense, they have to report back to their parliament on the problems of the ethnic Hungarian minority in the Sk. How better to arrive at the recommendations than to actually see the situation first hand and to talk to those affected. If the Sk has nothing to hide or be ashamed of – throw the doors open and lay the red carpet. Or would you rather the Hungarians make assumptions based on less than impartial information provided to them in Budapest?
    Does no one think it more than coincidence that Paska, the guy who has broken parliamentary procedures twice in the last week, is the one making all the fuss. His variation of the three shells scam is to attempt to distract the population from his wrong doings by rousing Nationalist sentiments on this non issue. Any right thinking Sk should be more concerned about the breaches of rules and the constitution – they are the real danger to this country, not some Hungarian talking shop. The fact Gaspar the Ghost has said or done nothing about Paskas’ antics speaks volumes about just how sewn up politics has become since BnM took power.
    It’s time you all woke up to what is happening in this country and do something about it, and I don’t mean sit in the pub rattling your keys!

    (*) Various EU delegations meet in the SK – Foreign policy, Finance etc, their decisions do have a direct influence on Sk laws but no one questions why they are meeting here.

    1. DC – I really have nothing against the commitee having meeting in Komarno except they didn’t inform their counter part in SVK.

      But I wonder: Would you have any problems if a Spanish commitee held a meeting in Gibraltar? Or an Irish in Belfast? I hope you wouldn’t.
      I guess there would be a big risk that some of the Irish could get killed by the orangists but I’m quite sure that the rest of the English would be just delighted.

      1. LOSGAR – The article clearly says ” PLANS TO HAVE A……. ” not HAS HAD. No one as yet has confirmed or denied if they have sought permission from your Govt. So as I said a non issue.

        Your comments regarding Gibraltar and Northern Ireland once again demonstrate your lack of knowledge in these two areas.
        Firstly, why would a Spanish committe wish to visit Gib? There is no Spanish minority on the Rock. Gibraltarians, even those with distant Spanish ancestry, have no yearnings to join Spain. They certainly have no problems with artificial language barriers or denial of their cultural heritage. If you actually ever visit the Rock you will be amazed by the diversity of cultures that make up the population, who are quite happy with their situation and live in harmony, mutual respect and tolerance – Oh so different here!
        As for N.I. , if you care to read some real information on the subject rather than your normal policy of writing tripe, you will be astounded to learn that there are, as part of the Peace Accord, cross border meetings of the Oireachtas and the Northern Island Assembly which take place regularly and the monitoring of the peace process by the Republic of Ireland is a major factor in the operation of the Accord. Both Northern Ireland and the Republic held referendums, on the same day, to address the issues of the Peace Accord which was accepted by overwhelming majorities in both countries.
        Eire politicians actually face a greater threat from Nationalists than from the Unionists and no, the English would not be delighted by any further bloodshed in that land. After almost 40 years of senseless slaughter, the majority of us are happy that peace can return to that beautiful country and wonderful people and we hope the guns and bombs have been put away for ever.

        1. the meeting took place yesterday in Komarno

          1. Thanks for the update JB.
            If the Hungarians didn’t inform the Sk Govt. of their intentions – very naughty but then again they only came to talk. If I organise a meeting of expats to discuss a Slovak issue do I need BnMs’ permission? – I don’t think so!
            As I have said Paskas’ actions are of more importance than this non event.

        2. DC- I didn’t mean the English would be happy about bloodshed, I meant sarcastically that they would be happy about the meeting.

          I gave you only examples. But if you claim that if MPs from The Republic of Ireland held a meeting in Northern Ireland without informing their NI counterpart I will believe you.

          Anyhow all the SVK parties agreed, even SMK, that the HUN parlament speaker should’ve informed our parlament speaker about the meeting. I see intentions where you see just a post delivery problem.

          1. I agree, as it turns out the Hungarians did hold a meeting – nobody knows if they informed the Sk govt. Even if they didn’t, so what, they came to talk and discuss issues – what’s the problem. A non-issue, started by Paska to divert attention from his wrong doings and some of you have fallen for it.
            Who knows what delegates from the Rep. of Ireland do or don’t do, who cares?, their actions have no direct action or influence on the policies of the N.I. Assembly or the UK Govt.
            BnM could take his entire govt. to the UK and hold a meeting, nobody would bat an eyelid, they might lock up the silverware but that would be about all.
            There are greater problems in the world as a whole and in the Sk specifically than who is talking about what and where.
            Time you all grew up, looked at the calendar and apply some commonsense.

          2. I’m just saying that if I know that my neighbour doesn’t like me parking my car in front of his house without his permission I won’t do it. If I do it it’s purely intentional and I shouldn’t be surprised if he gets angry.

            Who is the trouble maker here? Sure we can play we don’t care but then we shouldn’t be surprised when he starts trashing our lawn or using our parking way. Then a few clever guys from England ask: Why didn’t you tell them at the beginning, it is your fault you let it go so far.

            I am out of metaphores DC. If you don’t get it, it must be one of those things “we agree we don’t agree’.

  6. I don’t see any problem about the meetings. In fact I suggest that similar meetings should be held in Hungary by our parliamentary committees.

    I think Budapest would be the best place for holding such meetings. In fact I think the meetings should be held monthly and also committees from other countries such Romania, Serbia and Austria should do likewise.

    I would promote these meetings in other countries as well. Especially England is such a magical place that I am sure that parliamentary committees from Ireland, France or Germany could be interested.
    I just don’t recommend for the meetings any place close to the Buckingham palace as horse shit lies all around.

  7. The committee PLANS to hold a meeting in SK the article says so why the fuss, for all Paska knows the request for permission is somewhere in the wonderful national postal system but then again the Hungarians probably thought, correctly, that applying for permission would take so long the delegates would have been dead before the duly stamped scrap of paper arrived.
    Paska – The Speaker who recently wiped his feet on parliamentary rules of conduct and the National Constitution – what the hell has it to do with him? Isn’t there a Foreign Minister? or is he busy with other things?

  8. Firstly, Hungary do actually morally own this area of Slovakia . Whilst they lost the right to govern, via a quite mad, unfair, agreement after a WWI, that is how it stands today . Hungary feels it was stolen from them . Second, Hungarians will never respect Slovaks …history tells how Slovaks were always peasants and, woodcutters and serf to them . I guess Slovaks will just have to get over it, and/or except Hungarians were once their masters .

    As for `provocative gestures` …….Just ignore the Hungarians might be a good idea, as I do not believe many ethnic Hu-Slovaks see any need to change anything at the moment as Hungary broken country , IMF broke and void of any thoughts politically, other than to promote nationalistic feelings to detract from the counties real internal problems .

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