Slovak in Ireland; A Nazi Piece of Work

Fascist skinhead runs hate network from his suburban Irish hideaway

By the SundayWorld

IN HIDING: We found Nazi hate monger Igor M at his workplace in Dublin

THIS IS the secret neo-Nazi running an international network of hate from Ireland. Skinhead Igor M (35) is a member of an Eastern European hate group whose activities in Slovakia made him a target for his country’s secret service. He quit his own country and has been living and associating with fellow far-right extremists in Ireland for nearly eight years.

A Sunday World investigation today reveals how M is just one of scores of hate-mongering fascists who have set up in Ireland in the last few years.

Extremist forced to flee Slovakia uses Ireland to spread vile views

THIS IS the Slovak neo-Nazi who fled his home country and now runs an international network of hate from Ireland. Skinhead Igor M (35) is a leading member of an Eastern European hate group whose activities in the Slovak Republic made him a target for his country’s secret service.

He now runs his operation from Ireland, where he has lived undetected along with his gang of neo-Nazi exiles for nearly eight years. A Sunday World investigation can reveal that he is one of scores of far right extremists who have set up in Ireland in the last few years. The hate-monger remained unapologetic about on-line campaigns when the Sunday World caught up with him this week.

The dedicated fascist is a supporter of Blood and Honour – a network of skinheads that was linked to the violent Combat 18 grouping in the UK.


In these exclusive pictures Igor M is seen posing at his Tallaght home with other members of his gang and a German Third Reich flag. In another he proudly displays his tattoo dedicated to the infamous loyalist-supporting white power group Skrewdriver.

As he took a cigarette break at the warehouse where he works in west Dublin, Igor was open about his role in running websites for Europe’s neo-Nazis. He offered to talk about his extremist activities online after he had finished work.

Now studying and working in Ireland he denies being involved in any political organisation, but did admit to running his Call of Freedom website. He denied being a racist on the grounds that he has Muslim friends on Facebook. “I don’t judge people by the colour of their skin,” he told the Sunday World.

IT’S JUST NOT REICH: Mizak and Nazi pals show off their tattoos

However, he suggested that historical accounts of the Holocaust, in which six millions Jewish people died at the hands of the Nazis, are exaggerated . He said that the picture of him standing beside a Nazi flag is seven years old and even claimed that he police after seven years of “illegal” surveillance. Anti-Nazi computer hackers based in Germany exposed Igor M’s role in running fascist websites.


Information from his files dumped on the internet also shows he made a financial contribution to a racist organisation based in the US run by Irish woman Vicky C, the niece of infamous Irish crime lord Martin the General Cahill. Igor M left his home country for Ireland after he was charged by Slovak police with “promoting fascism” and allegations surfaced he had launched a local branch of Blood and Honour.


A 2003 police operation uncovered merchandise with racist logos in Igor M’s Peugeot 308 and a later raid on his home found more fascist material. He left for Dublin along with his cousin and members of his group just a year later taking a job as a forklift driver. Igor M began to study computers in Dublin becoming involved with building websites and making contact with other neo-Nazis across the world. He plays a vital role maintaining hate sites for extremist groups providing what he calls “free speech hosting”.

While living in Ireland he came up with the idea for a whites-only version of Facebook called Aryanspace. Advertising his site online he declared “there is many social networks for Muslims, Blacks, Asians etc, but I was unable to find any for Aryans”. The hacked information also shows that another of the sick sites he hosts is ’28magazine’ which contains copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, rants from KKK members and books denying the Holocaust. This week he maintained he has nothing to do with 28magazine.

Igor’s personal website “Call of Freedom” explains how he supports “total freedom of speech regardless if it does annoy, hurt or violate anyone or even if it incites to anything”. However, despite his computer skills Igor M became the victim of a group of German hackers who have released scores of emails revealing his true identity.


NAZI PIECES OF WORK: Igor M and his fascist pals with their tops off posing for pictures

Recently leaked files reveal names and addresses of almost 200 people in Ireland who have made contact with extremist groups or made purchases from their websites. Many of those listed are recent migrants from Eastern Europe but also included in the list were Irish nationals including a senior civil servant, a secondary school teacher and an events promoter.

In 2009 a Blood and Honour gathering in Tralee was cancelled at the last minute when their plan was uncovered by a local newspaper. Up to 80 neo-nazis from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland had travelled to celebrate the birthday of a leading Czech neo-nazi organiser now living in Dublin.


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