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Economic freedom in Slovakia is improving. This is according to the ranking in the Index of Economic Freedom compiled by nearly a hundred NGOs from around the world led by the Canadian Fraser Institute. Slovakia placed at the 39th place among 159 countries in this ranking.

The number of tourists in Slovakia is rising. In the first half of 2016 nearly 2.3 million visitors used accommodation services in Slovakia, which compared to the same period of last year is 18.9 percent more. Year-on-year, the number of domestic visitors went up by 223,453, or 19.2 percent, while there were 136,133 more foreign tourists, an increase of 18.5 percent

52 percent of Slovaks support the European Union. Among Central European countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary), Slovakia comes second after Hungary in this regard. On the other hand, with its twelve-percent support, Slovakia displays the highest inclination toward pro-Russian orientation and the highest level of anti-Americanism.


AIS Beteiligungs
The German producer of car components AIS Beteiligungs is heading to the village of Tupa nearby Sahy. Germans want to start producing various car components of plastic materials, rubber and metal in the factory. The investor will pay 4 million euros for the investments in the factory. The project of the Slovak daughter company AIS Automotive Interior Systems counts with 100 employees.

The German producer of components for counters, timers, various regulators or printers Hengstler started daughter production in Kezmarok twenty years ago. The company grows, and so it will move to the new factory soon. Germans have already stated to build it in the town. The factory will cost them ten million euros. They will move all 300 employees there. They will create 40 up 50 new jobs. The group will move to Slovakia also other productions from printers and counters from Germany.

It stems from the materials that one of the companies of the U.S. concern Altra plans investing in the local industrial park. Its production characteristics is focused mainly on the engineering production, specifically on metalworking. According to the information of the SME daily, the company Bauer Gear Motor Slovakia may be one of the potential investors from the concern Altra. It has been operating in Zlate Moravce already since 2011 and has more than 240 employees.

Midia Agro
Mega investment should have saved bankrupting milkmen. Before the elections politicians promised work for 320 people and a helping hand for farmers who have been fighting for survival because of low milk prices. There is silence about a large factory for milk processing nearby Nitra from February. Allegedly, they do not hear from the investor. The British investor Midia Agro wanted to build a factory for almost 100,000 euros. It planned processing up one quarter of Slovak milk in the factory.

The Spanish company Grupo Suavinex, a world-renowned soother manufacturer, plans to open 100 jobs, expand its plant, and introduce new technologies in Slovakia. It made the first step when it opened on Friday a new press shop at its plant in Krusovice near Topolcany. Its value is about 2 million euros.


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