Slovak Investment Agency: Taiwan Trip a Success

Presentation in Taiwan (c) SARIO

SARIO mission to Taiwan was completed in Taipei by investment seminars “Invest in the EU” and “Business Friendly Slovakia” and meeting with the Vice President of AU Optronics.

The seminar “Invest in the EU” was to draw attention to the possibility of Taiwanese firms to invest in the EU. The seminar focused mainly on the area of ​​information and telecommunication technologies since Taiwanese companies are particularly active in this field. SARIO agency seized the opportunity to be presented by the national stand and Robert Šimončič, SARIO CEO delivered a presentation “Slovakia, a country with great ICT potential”. The event was attended by the representatives of 150 Taiwanese companies and associations.

“ICT sector has a significant position in the Slovak economy and its development is on the rise.. Slovak companies like ESET or Sygic are successful globally and SARIO´s main effort is to attract more and more investments into this area, since this is the trend for the modern economy, “said R.Šimončič.

Business trip continued with the seminar “Business friendly Slovakia”prepared for potential investors by SARIO in collaboration with its partners. Deputy Director Andrea Gulová, Deputy SARIO CEO presented the benefits of Slovak investment environment, and the arguments in favor of investing in Slovakia were supported by presentations of Robin Wu from AU Optronics and representatives of KPMG, Takenaka and Slovak Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce.

The business trip included also the visit of the Slovak delegation at the headquarters of AU Optronics. F.C. Hsiang, Vice President of AUO showed the delegation through the headquarters premises and introduced the company’s latest products based on OLED technology, 3D and Transparent TV.

Mr. F.C. Hsiang stressed that Trenčín plant, which won the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification is one of the most advanced in the group and despite the momentarily lower demand in the segment of TFT LCD modules on global markets, it will be a priority for the company headquarters to fully support the development of this investment.

Source: SARIO

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