Slovak Kids Taken by UK Social Services to Return Home

The Royal Court of Justice in London has ruled to return two Slovak boys that were taken from their parents by Social Services to their family, under the custody of their grandmother, but their return might not be so soon, TV Joj reported today.

The two boys should return to Slovakia to live with their grandmother by 4 January 2013, but if the respective social service officers in the case decide to lodge an appeal, everything could be held up again. The boys mother captured the media’s attention about her case, which eventually led to demonstrations at the British Embassy in Bratislava and the diplomatic service getting involved.

Protesters in front of British Embassy in Bratislava (c)

As it stands, the whole case has set a precedence in the UK, which means that it will become part of the case law and so the ruling will have to be considered in other similar cases. The two boys were already marked for adoption, being saved at the last minute by the court extending the term of appeal lodged by the grandmother. The adoption decision was reverted, and the grandmother acknowledged guardianship.

The case raised awareness of certain problems in the system of social services in the UK, and to shortcomings on the side of Slovak officials and social workers, as well as the former inactivity of the Children for International Legal Protection of Children. The Slovak Embassy in London and the social services in Slovakia were also audited as a result.


  1. Not only Slovak kids wrongfully taken. English kids taken never to be seen by parents again – listen to Brian Gerrish and Common Purpose exposed:
    This is no news.

  2. JB – when will be the ban by the Royal Courts of Justice on information of B. family lifted? I wanted to post a few very recent pictures of Mrs.B, her mother and her 2 boys but the comment can’t get trough as the family name is in the www address.

    1. JB, please dont allow this link to the B=uggers Photo This is against all common decency and children that have already been proven to be abused, given up by both parents, because they were abusive, should not be exploited for political gain on the website and for no other reason, than they are young children and should not appear in public media.

      Nobhead should be ashamed of his suggestion and the Courts both, Slowvak and UK should start legal action to have the children returned to good care as clearly Mrs B, does not understand the legal obligations she is under . I will ask my Lawyer on Monday to file the criminal complaint with the police and deal with this matter . Someone has to think of the protection of these poor children here .

      1. 😀 Good one Georgina! See – if you were always so funny instead of being abusive you wouldnt get your comments moderated….. again 😀

        1. Nob, I believe you are in the same boat ….perhaps you should try not thinking like a Slowvak …I know impossible .

    2. The British courts will not do so unless sucessfully challenged in a court action by someone with a lot of money.

      But they are cheekily outside their jurisdiction by issuing orders on the Slovak media, a point the British family court always seems to have difficulty with.

      This included saucily sending a copy to the Slovak embassy.

      1. Mr Smith
        How someone so ignorant can possibly offer advice is beyond me.
        The disclosure of information or images that may identify a child, directly or indirectly is against EU Convention. The UK courts have no duristiction in the SVK, they have asked for International Law to be respected, a request that has been honoured by Slovakia as required by binding treaty.

        1. It is not against EU Conventions, but has been claimed to be so by the British family court and SS departments in order to suppress the story.

          This has occurred in other cases.

          The British Family Court and SS Depts require absolute secrecy, imprisoningthose that dare defy them.

          A British injunction was issued against the Slovak media, such extra-teritorial jurisdiction being frequently claimed and replies of being outside their jurisdiction just as frequent.

          Your open defence of abuse, trafficking in children and Forced Adoption is despicable.

          1. This really is a black thing, isn`t Wiiinnnnston ?

          2. Mr. Smith – It appears that you make your living offering advice to people yet have no understanding of the Conventions and Laws applicable. Article 3.1 of the UNCRC which is enshrined in EUCFR clearly defines the childs rights to privacy in all matters. In short, no one can publish or reveal any information about a child that may lead to that child being identified and subsequently stigmatised. It is this very law that you and your like operate from behind, fully aware that no matter how outrageous the allegations you make your “victims” are not permitted to comment or defend themselves. You quite openly post accusations of wrong doings by the authorities but never once, despite numerous challenges have you posted varifiable evidence to support just one of your claims. The decision of the SVK authorities to abide by a UK court ruling is commendable and in view of the crass reporting policies of the local media quite understandable.
            I don’t defend abuse by any party. I do however firmly believe that there are parents of all nationalities who abuse or neglect their children and I fully support all policies that defend the children from such situations.
            Plainly you don’t understand the definition of “trafficking”, its just another emotive buzz word people like you use to muddy the waters.
            Forced Adoption – Any parent who by act or omission has abused or neglected a child in anyway should, quite righly, have all parental responsibility removed and that includes having any say in the childs’ future. To me the message is clear, and it would appear that 99.9% of the UK population, native and immigrant understand that if you follow the rules and care for your children you will have no problem. The small number who break the rules, in any way, deserve all that happens.

            “In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of
            the child shall be a primary consideration.” Article 3.1 UNCRC

      2. Winston,
        Are these 2 children still eligible for benefits from the Uk system?

        1. The real question is, is Wiiinnnnston still eligible for benefits from the Uk system?

          Smug, sometimes you leave me breathless with your indepth questioning.

          1. Sometimes, Arthur, I leave myself absolutely breathless from my astuteness and inbuilt quest for the truth. The only problems I have at this moment in time is I have quite forgotten what Churchill’s involvement in the plot is. I seemed to have mixed up the smoking debate, your fertility treatment and reading Dave’s books on all manner of topics. Of course mixing the drinks never helps clarity!

  3. George M.
    It appears that you and I owe our Slovak bretheren an apology. Having done a little reading ( book I got for Crimble) I have identified the problem some of them have – Objective Observational Bias. All primates suffer from this problem, its hardwired into our brains. The regulating factors are education, knowledge, experience and cultural heritage, hence primative people were unable to comprehend the “white mans” armour, weapons, ability to produce fire with ease or the use of large ships. Such things were so far outside their comfort zone of knowledge and understanding that they assumed the visitors were gods, ran away and hid etc. This condition can still be observed in many societies and people who have had limited exposure to the “real world”. When presented with something that they can not comprehend they attempt to “protect” themselves by either trying to relate the new experience to actions or customs that they are used to or ignoring it completely. Primates in zoos have been studied – chimps in busy, popular zoos are more intelligent than those in less popular collections because they have experienced and learnt more.
    Loggie may also be suffering from acute Hawthorne Effect – an irrational desire to amend his behaviour to stay in the limelight irrespective of the results.

    1. DC and GM… well you two are nothing else than just a confirmation that there is something wrong in UK… You should say thank you you Slovaks and others who taking a risk of living in UK… So, they can teach your people, families to not raise childrens became to an adult like you…!

      1. Peat, Do pigs fly with you on your little world ?

        1. yep! two from UK… you can guess their names.

          1. Peat, you have been at the dog food again, haven`t you you naughty boy ?

      2. Peter
        Classic example of OOB, thanks for proving my point!

    2. Christ DC , I just thought they all had Herpes and a does of antibiotics might cure them all . So this, is far more serious than anyone thought ?

      Is they any cure for Hawthorne ?

  4. Zuzana
    ” the UK/US know so little about mentality, history and generally about other countries” I think you will find that we do. I think what you are suggesting is that the UK/US should accept what specifically you Slovaks consider to be normal and allow you to behave as you do in your home country. How convenient for you all. Part of living in a foreign country is accepting the laws of that country not suggesting a society is flawed because it objects to your own national customs and practices. Are you suggesting the US/Uk should allow multiple wives because some foriegn societies do? Honour killings should be OK if your a certain nationality? Female genital mutilation is OK if you do it at home? Do you really believe the UK/US should allow you to slaughter pigs in the street, shoot peoples pets or allow girls as young as twelve be “sold into marriage” because it is Slovak custom, heritage and history. What a mind numbingly simplistic view you have of the world.
    If you don’t like our laws, our standards or customs stay the hell out of our country – strange though 99.9% of the 50,000+ Slovaks, including Roma, living in the UK don’t have a problem, and even more of your countrymen will be joining them – Why is that? Could it be that the UK/US, despite all their failings, are better places to live, work and raise a family than Neverneverland?

  5. At last the little boys are back in the Fatherland but not with mummy? After all the hype, origami and JOJ reports the children are to stay with Granny – strange? Obviously the SVK govt. have issues with mum – wonder what they are? The master plan, apparently, is to “employ” mum as a child minder to help gran which just seems like a job creation scheme to me. Still the boys will be safe – won’t they? Does anyone know the status of the other two children? They are not in the UK so I presume they have been farmed off to granny too, or some other family member?

    1. The Other Kids? The real father and their family have taken them back in their possession back in to the Motherland. They were perhaps subject to a local court order of access and should never have left Slowvakia, without permit . Who knows how many kids and how many fathers by which this woman has had children and how many she has actually littered? My info is the Slowvak Child Agency will not let the mother or the real father near the kids ..this to be honest is perhaps more of a political ideal than any practical one where the mother is concerned as she is possession of a Police Record …..and this deal was brokered by all the UK , SVK Agency and Courts involved to calm the waters.

      TV JOJ of course never reports this. far better to sex up the file with children being kidnapped, rather than being looked after by what we in the UK would consider bad parents, but where in Slovwakia terrible parenting is considered quite normal in the woodcutters hut .

  6. Another truly shocking report is at:
    Note the 190% increase in child porn cases within one year and the case reports on child prostitution.
    Overall I have the impression that SVK is just exposing the tip of the iceberg but at least something is now being done.

  7. Dear all,
    I believe the US State Department report :
    gives some clear insight into the matter of child abuse in Slovakia. When you consider the data in the US document with the data provided by Centre Slniecko, based in Nitra, it would appear that child abuse is actually more common here in Slovakia than in the UK. A key comment in both reports is that the issue is “under reported” and that like violence towards women the current laws are not adequately enforced. Although efforts have been made to train both teaching and medical staff to identify the signs of abuse both professions appear to be reluctant to report such incidents. Religious doctrine and social stigma are also cited as factors in the lack of such cases being reported to the authorities.
    The US State Department report makes good general reading as to the state of policing and judicial process in SVK and actually names names and gives examples of dubious activities, the facts around each case and details that for one reason or another have never been made public here.

  8. Anyway,

    What would we expect from the country, and state run TV , which have been covering Paedophiles over many, many years??
    Sadly, all of these Paedophiles belong somehow between BRITISH SOCIAL ELITE . How random..
    Jimmy Savile famous TV broadcaster have been abusing brain-damaged children in hospitals.. HOW MUCH worse, sick it can be???

    1. This guy had connections to the Royal Family, also regular visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace…In short, he was not only a paedophile himself, but a supplier of children for some of the most famous paedophiles in UK.
      Regular quest of Queen ! No wonder person like this has been exempted from the justice!

      1. As just for Jimmy Savile- more than 500 people have come forward as victims.
        HE has been accused of carrying out nearly 200 crimes, including more than 30 rapes, during his 40 years of sex abuse in hospitals, charity events,etc..

        Don’t tell me NO ONE didn’t know anything!

        1. Gary G., one of the most famous British musician of 1980s and 1990s…
          And list goes on..
          The former prime minister of England, T. H. DJ J.P., Singer and producer R K., Musican P. T….
          And this is apparently just ”tip of the iceberg ” , all High profile Britons..

          1. ZZZZZZZZZZ …………… Yuuuuuup one thing Slowvaks could never be accused of his shagging their own women …that`s why we Brits are here to show you guys the way .

          2. ..and another one appeared in the news today, all English guys probably know him well. The Famous Fred-the Weatherman !


            I am worried You English guys probably have ”it” programmed in your DNA .

          3. Jurki, you are one very sad muverfcuker with all this crap on the day of the Even Eve, of the birth of Christ .

            The only one with any DNA issue son, is you and is now evident to us all. You should apologise to God, Jesus and all of us on this forum.

            Clearly you are the devil`s sperm

          4. That’s totally inconsiderate.
            Firstly they spoiled Fredie’s Christmas, then they raided his home while he wasn’t there – who knows what they stole, thirdly – he is an old man!! He is nearly in his grave – couldn’t they wait just a few months longer just as they did with Mr.Savile?

            What is going on with the old good UK?

          5. Juraj,

            I’m glad that someone can outline the different ”tips of the icebergs” to the UK/US just like you did…

            I like the fact that both the US and the UK are ALWAYS those who know everything the BEST..

            But when I see how SICK things are happening in these countries, i often feel disgusted. So many psychopathic parents and ”chavs” are having children .. and no one is watching them or taking their kids to foster care…or parents to prison for neglecting their children! I always wonder why!? Plus, I used to work for city council and could witness UK social services looking down at Slovak families and especially ”gypsy” families… but you know what? I could see than they took 100% better care about their kids … so no offense, but UK/US know SO little about mentality, history and generally about other countries …and this is a reason why they think that their solutions are the best!

          6. Great comment Zuzana!

            I have the same experience from Australia where I worked in grouphomes with mentally disabled children.
            SVK is catching up. I only hope SVK will avoid making the same mistakes as the UK SS has made.

          7. Now Nobhead that comment just is not true …you never worked with children , mental of otherwise , just as you were NEVER as you cliamed a Slovak policeman, met Hilary Clinton on a tour of the White House who blew you off, had sex with a sheep, a dog and an elephant and currently live with a pre-transsexual Englishman man in China . Those where all lies . We do get used to them here

            As for Slovakia catching up aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

            You have to start first, before you can avoid falling over, or catch up on anything up .

          8. Suzzie , you have the same name as my current bed partner .

            Anyhow, at the last count there were some ,000 Slowvaks all poncing off the UK Social and Free Health State, with kids and kids and kids …and against some 500 English in Slovakia and working, paying for Health Insurance, or now retired having worked hard all their lives . Before you jump in, why do you think these Slowvak leaches came to the UK, not for the better weather ? So if the UK is so bad, why dont they all just do the Brits a favour and bugger off back to Slowvakia ? Because it is Better in the UK !

            As the Roma loving their kids, I bet they do, in more ways than one, if you get my drift …oh and BTW when did Roma become Slowvak, asevery Slowvak I know looks down their noses at the Roma and treats them as not one of their own nation .

            How could you tell by looking at them they were better treated ? In my Experience looks can be very deceptive when it come to children appearing to be happy . Slowvaks in my experience are the EU`s worse abusers of all young children, thank God many are married to Expats and they can protect them from the worst .

  9. While our Slovak bretheren have been busy digging through UK history and expanding the SVK paper aerospace industry it would appear they have been remiss with regards the situation of child protection here in Neverneverland.
    Mrs Nicholson has proposed that all children should be subject to statutory checks by a doctor every year. Why is this? The unfortunate case of little Luka, left to rot for 3 years, has exposed the fact that after a new born child is released from hospital, no one, not the medical services, education service, police or government have any idea what does or does not happen to the child. Wonderful, child friendly SVK has no idea what the status or condition of any child in this country is – OK, abused or dead and buried. Of course kids not born under medical supervision would not appear on any radar at all. So the ever popular ” That would never happen in SVK” is crap, the fact is – don’t know, can’t know and probably never will know because no records are kept and no one is bothered.

    1. Crap – You are a lier and a crook, no one should ever take you seriously.

      1. Loggie
        It was a news article on JOJ, which you have stated is the source of all things truthfull in this country, so how could it possibly be a lie? Or, I suspect, anything on JOJ that matches your own agenda is gospel and anything you don’t like is a lie. Nothing like having your cake and eating it – careful you don’t choke!

        1. Crap D. – I’ve never made such a statement. It’s another lie.

  10. George ci jurko vsak uz sa ukludni bo ta trafi slak,uboziacik

  11. BTW, any chance of some actual news JB ?

    I know this website does not publish on a weekend, but …?

    1. aaawh, georgie again? you HAVE to put your comment on each article on this page. it’s like an obsession. what stuff do you smoke? the strong one, isn’t it? you know nothing about slovakia. not at all.
      btw, i’ve seen a video on youtube, a mother, BRITISH mother, was crying, because the ss took her boy into the care. why? was she an abuser? no. she just had an injury and had to spent some time in the hospital. she’s all right now, but she can’t get her son back. and you can’t see that video, because the court order, you know, they must keep everything in secret. because there are still plenty of moroons like you, who believe, UK system is soooo perfect, soooo right. btw, what about that 100 000 kids in australia in 1970’s? ahaa, i know, your country ‘d never made a mistake… but what we can expect from the country, which let a millions die….well, well, the old, good britain….the old, ROTTEN britain…

      1. How can anyone write so much garbage and say so little …?

        1. Because his nick name is George M…

          1. Wow Peter , a sentence of 6 words …must be busy in the cesspit today ?

            Actually, we are thinking of changing my Nick name to somefink else ?

            Georgina ..Nobheads choice was I felt a bit lame …But actully Peter , old Pal, Old Buddy you have inspired me ..

            What about George `Interesting` M ….?????

          2. if you think that you will save your reputation by changing the name, than you can do it. You can do whatever you want… but it will not help you poor budy boy!

        2. georgie, you’re so funny… with all that obsession about slovakia. is it because your doctor’s boobs? does she know, what you really think about her country? better don’t tell her, you’ll need a help from another doctor 😉

          1. maybe she should kick his balls if he even have some. And she does not even need to be Slovak.

          2. Oh Elle, wasn`t the peanut I gave you last night enough ? Here have another one ….

      2. Although adoption has existed informally for many centuries, intercountry adoption is a comparatively new practice. A trend towards international adoptions developed as a humanitarian response to the number of children orphaned by the Second World War. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, this situation even led to particularly painful chapters of international adoption. After a long history of sending British children abroad for adoption, starting with one hundred children being shipped from London to Richmond, Virginia, in 1618, the last incidences were observed just after the Second World War era when approximately 3 300 children were sent to Australia, while New Zealand, Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe since 1980) and Canada received a total of 1 000 children.8 The fate of these children has been covered by a number of documentaries which showed the suffering experienced by many of these “lost children” who were deported, submitted to mistreatment or abuse or denied access to information on their true origins and identity.9 Even though such large-scale “child laundering” would encounter more difficulties under modern social welfare programmes, communication tools and law enforcement conditions, it is important to keep past cases in mind and remain aware of children’s vulnerability in such situations. Council of Europe

        1. JB
          The figures must be wrong! Mony insists we sent 100,000 kids to Australia and he’s Slovak so that must be right.
          I generally respect the work of the Council of Europe but I do have some strong objections to this statement. The situation in the UK at the end of the war was far worse than anywhere else in Europe except Germany. After almost 5 years of bombing, V1s and V2s, hundreds of merchant ships sunk not to mention the unknown status of tens of thousands of servicemen the UK did not know where many people where. Even today the total civilian casualties in my home town of Hull is an estimate and many WW2 soldiers are still officially missing. With infrastructure damaged, records destroyed, people opting to go “missing” the patriation of children to the Commonwealth was the best they could do at the time. Interesting to note that France also sent orphans to their colonies after the war. With hindsight, the modern communications and social welfare programs of today, the plan was not such a good idea and the UK has issued an unconditional apology to all those who were effected by this policy and I believe there has been some compensation paid by the commonwealth governments and the UK. Yes, too little, too late. I think citing the UKs past errors in the context of modern international adoption a tad trite. The UK has probably the most stringent adoption laws in Europe, if not the world, and maybe the council should be encouraging other countries to catch up rather than probing the UKs history.

          1. DC ….Mony, thinks Ireland is the UK and Slowvakia has free speech ….says it all really .

        2. 130000 kids i was mentioned, not just after the II WW

          1. georgie, what do you say about this? your poor innocent country…..
            anyway, i don’t think, ireland is the UK, but they just copy cat that stupid ss system. and poor you, if you really think, you have free speech in your country. try to ask thousands of BRITISH citizens, who’ve lost their kids. of course, you can’t, they can’t let you know by court orders, they will go to jail, if they simply tell the truth.

          2. It was actually about 150.000 youngsters Mony. And it ended at the beginning of the 70s. Brown apologized for that only 2 years ago.


          3. losgar, it seems it haven’t ended… they just changed the way…

      3. Mony
        I hope you are only on day release and we don’t have to put up with this sort of dribble regularly. If you are Slovak no-one needs to look any further for a good perspective on its people, although drugs would make it less painful.

        1. so do drugs help you? good for you…i’ll better keep my mind clear. and if you can accept georgies dribble, well, you have to accept mine. and you know what? we still have freedom of speech in slovakia, it is your country, which banned that

          1. Freedom of speech in Slowvakia …yea right? Everyone here constantly sues each other for `souring their good name` and this website won`t print those people and kids at risk , with a POLICE RECORD hidden in their cupboard.

            Are you sure you mean Slowvakia not Slovenia ? Geography after all is not your best subject, give you believe Ireland is the UK ???

        2. What kind of an arrogant retard are you? Do you really think that you are something better and more valuable just because being Briton? It is disgusting to see comments against some nation and ist people full of prejudices, arrogancy and underestimation. It makes one vomit reading some of your kind. You are the shame and great mistake of your own country.

          P.S. I am not Slovak originaly

          1. OK Elle , sit up and beg now, on your hind legs, trunk up, mouth open and …. ….yea there you go , another peanut .

            ~~~P.S. I am not Slovak originaly ~~~

            I believe you mean originally, with two `L`s ? Still what`s a word between trainer and pet ….at least this time you are not talking about Oranges rather than a Sex Pervert as in Savelle , rather than Seville .

            So you are not Slowvak originaly …so what are you then? Half breed, clone, sperm, the afterbirth, ship the passed in the night, came from the planet zob ….God even worse, wife of Cowpat ??

          2. None of your business what origin I am, OK? But not of Slovak. Can you digest this?

            Just a question, what language can you speak, except english? So, come on, smartie!

          3. Speak or write ?

            Speak and write American, Austrialian, New Zealandish …and my English allows me to converse in 88 other world countries, My French allows me to speak and write in 42 world countries …I speak German, oh and enough Slovak to impress a female Doctor with the bum like a peach …How about you then peanut ?

  12. The social services have given up the fight and waived their right to appeal, which means the children will be back in Slovakia 4 January 2013 at the latest.

    1. Well lets hope Ryanair get the free ride home commission to export them…I would hate to think of them all having a comfortable ride home, given all the cost and trouble they have caused the UK taxpayer .

      ~~~which means the children will be back in Slovakia 4 January 2013~~

      Which means what, they are gonna be `safe` here ?…Might as well get the axle grease ready, putting them out there in `Deliverance Country ….

      1. george, it were not the kids, not their parents, neither Slovakia who caused cost and trouble to the UK taxpayer.

        it was and still is your – UK- authorities, social services, courts, police, local councils that took these kids and thousands of other kids and are not willing for years to return them to their parents or grandparents although allegations prove unbased, there is no evidence for abuse, for nothing. the UK authorities rather prefer to sue the parents in order to get the kids to childrens homes or foster families.

        so you – UK taxpayers – pay for court proceedings, for lawyers, for fosters, for translators and interpretors, and other costs although it is much more cheaper to return the kids to their parents. you, the british people, should ask your authority, why they do this and how much it cost you. this case about the two boys kids cost you 2 500 000 pounds. you should have save this money if you had returned the boys immediately to their parents, two years ago, when there was an expert report on no abuse. but your official are stupid and do not admit they are wrong so thats why all these courts, costs, and pains for kids. shame on you, shame on britain, shame on cameron, shame on social services.

        if there were any justice in UK, the kids would live with their parents in UK now. but there is no justice, so the kids have to leave uk and live in slovakia. i ask you – WHY? are the kids criminals to be deported to slovakia??? why were they not allowed to stay in the UK???

        1. Viera , are just dopy or what ?

          The kids could stay in the UK, but not with these parents . They had legally and willingly given them up . Do you not read ???

          The Gran could stay in the UK, with the kids I guess, but she had to race home to Shanty Town, Slowvakia to cook the Christmas Kapusta for the other 20 kids she was permanently looking after, for the rest of the family .

          1. George , You are talking out of your ass, again , again, again.

            You wrote:

            ‘ They had legally and willingly given them up . Do you not read ??? ”

            This is a nasty lie and you know it.

            The SS asked them to sign a letter (P20 I think) which stated – if they allow to put the boys for 2 weeks into temporary care whilst they evaluate the case, they will get them back quicker without lengthy court process!

            After 2.5 half years the mother still fight for the boys! Does that give you any sense ?
            Viera, don’t Waste your time with this senile person.

          2. Juki . Again that incorrect . They told the Court they accepted they could never have the children back, thus the Gran stepped in, even thou the daft old bat and the B`s forgot to file an appeal before the deadline ..(only 30 days to file an appeal !!! ) to the adoption agreement the Court made with the SS, and before the deadline .

        2. Here, here. It would seem that there are still people like George in the UK, ignorant to the plight of foreign and UK families alike in the UK itself, acting like they own children as in the days of the UK workhouses and state ownership. How can this be right and how can people remain so uneducated. George – you need to do some research! Hope this never happens to any of your family members!!!!

          1. Plight ? Sara, research , like on the internet , such a gold mine of miss information ….

            With any luck, this grand plan of ours of exporting back to their homes all these Central European people, all with a kite tail of blood sucking kids drawing cash from our social and education system, will start to work by this fear method.

            QED. Either look after your kids, in proper, responsible conditions or bugger off back home to Slowvakia and live in your cesspit there .

      2. that is a disgusting comment to make!im a british tax payer,and i most certainly hope our crappy country has to pay for the family’s travel home!you wouldnt want children to be comfortable on the way home at our expense?well that just shows the mentality of people like you doesnt it?if you had a heart,you wouldnt have made that comment!

    2. No JB, even if the UK SS appealed the children would be still going home on January 4th. The appeal would be dealt with according to the SVK law in SVK. That’s what I read in SME daily.

      1. What is it with you Nob …why is it you believe everything you hear and read in Slowvak newpapers? More misinformation .

        The kids would not be going home in Jan, if the SS appealed . This is a UK matter, under UK courts, not a Slowvak one . They would have to stay in the UK, until any appeal was heard ….Once they arrive in Slowvakia, either the Slovak courts wave them good bye and let the Gran, the mother, the father and most of the village do as they please with the poor kids ……all very sad for the children . Perhaps if they had stayed in the Uk, they may have made something of themselves …now they will be sticking labels on tin cans or cleaning toilets for a living .

        1. They also said that all Brits living in SVK will be castrated by the end of this year.
          No difference for you anyway.

        2. What the hell you talking about you stupid ass?! Maybe you one day will clean the toilets, you primitive big nothing! Before you start insulting some nation look at yourself in the mirror and spit into your arogant face!

          1. Oh Goody, Goody ! Now `Elle the elephant arrives ….

            Did you pack you trunk and say good bye to the Circus, Elle …?

            Btw `Elle what you do for a living and your 600 euro pcm, salary .

            Folks, Let`s all give `Elle a peanut spend the evening praying for The B kids .

          2. Sweety, George Almighty!

            not able to reply to your compliments directly as something got veeery wrong, but I cannot omit your sweetness towards me you darling.

            Soooo, don´t you be worry about my salary, it is muchly higher than you can imagine. Oh, it lets me to live in a very nice, spacious and central heated apartment. No thermo bottle needed to get warm as in UK! Agrrrr brrrr…..

            Ehm, what was your next worry about my dear myself? Everything is just so fine that no complaint needed. I am just very much fine, my dear. Peanuts? Oh yes, for sure, get to the closest church and drop some for royal family. Your taxes are not fully sufficient to them. You know, another kid is on its way, some stuff will be needed. :))

          3. Great now I have a wacko elephant stalking me …what size are your breast BTW ?

    3. JB
      Actually I understand that the court rejected the Grounds of their appeal and refused Leave for it to progress. So much for the flawed system!

  13. A big thank you to the kind caring foster family who looked after these children for over two years and sought nothing but the satisfaction of knowing they were well cared for. This topic has drawn all the social misfits, agitators and downright stupid to exercise their hypocritical rhetoric. As for TV JOJ they have brought an additional dimension to the term “gutter press”

    1. That’s interesting to say that. We know nothing about the foster parents, we know nothing about how the boys were treated yet we feel sorry for all of them but not for the mother and father.

      I didn’t watch TV JOJ, so I don’t know how that went. All I know is either the UK SS and the court made a mistake at the beginning or at the end. I hope it was the first.

    2. Thanks to some self-professed ”experts” like you alec ,we finally know how it really happened. A BIG thanks to you.

  14. I would like to know if anyone believes giving these kids to the Gran `is the right thing to do` ?

    The reason , `because they are family`, has no substance in real life, as we could be just passing them from one abusive situation to another .

  15. Classic arrogant Slowvak and yes quote of the year ….

    “I have always had an interest in protecting our citizens,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák,. “The priority is to have citizens abide by the laws of the country in which they choose to live, but their own rights can’t be abused just because they are foreigners.” ….

    Like that never happens in Slowvakia, with foreigners and/or their own people?

    How much bullshit can this one country produce…Perhaps we can start a Bullshit quota system and Interblue can sell it to the American Government ?

    1. You don’t agree Georgina?

      Lajcak also said: “Our experts have dozens of other files on their desks every day and work with them,” he said, as quoted by TASR, adding that the ministry is in a “continuous communication with all involved countries, from Europe, Russia, China, to Australia”.

      I guess this is not over. More people need help.

      1. Nob , Just out of interest ….calling me Georgina …is that you most inventive work …??

        Just a thought ??

        1. What would you like? You can choose:
          King George?
          George the Porche?
          George the Great?
          George the English?
          George Orwell?
          George the Wise
          George the Merciful?

          But choose only one.

          1. Unbelievable ….Nob, I will get back to you next year …sometime eh?

            I guess given the volume of your work today, you are bored, sitting in your mothers house somewhere IN SLOWVAKIA ???

          2. The offer expires by midnight Georgina. Act quickly!!

          3. George of the bungle would be more suited….

      2. Where the hell does Lajcak get experts from in this country, other than in back door deals, envelope passing, till dipping and avoiding the truth.
        More people need help – very true, preferably to the airport, ferry terminal or tunnel, failing that, swimming lessons.

        1. Lajcak was the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina/EU Special Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

          If he succeded over there the UK should be a piece of cake.

          1. A Jackass from a backwater, who worked in another backwater, is still a backwater Jackass. If those are his credentials for the job he is well out of his depth.

          2. Yes, he is fully qualified to work on the British cases. On the British jackasses you need even bigger jackass. And that’s Lajcak!

    2. Perhaps you should go back to your home fantasy world- the Shitain..

  16. When do we all think claims for financial compensation will be submitted?
    How much will they ask?
    When will Slovak people cease to use SS in a derogatory manner?
    When will TV JoJ be presented with an award for responsible journalism – the answer to that one is easy “NEVER”.

    1. I don’t think of the SS as something evil. They just made a clear mistake and ruined a few lives. The kids will be home soon.
      TV JOJ did what any other TV should do – inform about the case. Or do you think the British judges got affected by the TV reports? What difference does it make?
      There is actually something good coming out of this – the SVK SS got under a dirrect light and didn’t come out well at all. Can I at least complain about the SVK SS Alec??

      But I want to be honest – in my opinion it was because of this “hysteria” why a happy ending is about to happen. The UK officers did get affected by the protests and the TV JOJ’s reports. Of course they will never admit it.

      I have another question for you Alec: If you think that the SS and the UK court are so right, why did they stop the adoption process /something unheard of/ and decided to give the boys to their grandma? If the terrible things on boys happened shouldn’t the court not allow it? What kind of sick decision it is not to give the kids to their mother by only to their grandmother who has an excellent relationship with her daugher /the kids’ mother/ and who have been fighting together, shoulder to shoulder, for the kids for nearly 3 years?
      Is it a common thing that if the mother is a thread it’s the mother’s mother who can step in? And who would be the next of kin? Grandfather, godmother, godfather, a cousin over 18 years old???

      And to answer your first question – what is a day without a kid’s mother worth of? And what about 1 week, 1 month,…. nearly 3 years??!! Mistakes DO happen Alec!
      You know Alec what is worst than a false accusation? Accusing somebody and didn’t give him/her a chance to clear his/her name! All charges dropped on the father but the kids still can’t go home. The mother is called names, even on this web site! Shame on you all who already made up your minds and just can’t see how big injustice has been done on one whole family!!

      1. There was NO mistakes in this matter by the British Courts, the children were at risk and they came first NOT the parents who were, not only brainless, dazed, deficient, dense, dim, doltish, dopey, dull, dumb, dummy, foolish, futile, gullible, half-baked, half-witted, idiotic, ill-advised, imbecilic, inane, indiscreet, insensate, irrelevant, laughable, loser*, ludicrous, meaningless, mindless, moronic, naive, nonsensical, obtuse, out to lunch, pointless, puerile, rash, senseless, shortsighted, simple, simpleminded, slow, sluggish, stolid, stupefied, thick, thick-headed, trivial, unintelligent, unthinking, witless and potential child abusers .

        …when can you get that in your dumb skull Nob ?

        1. Aren’t you a bit prejudiced Georgina? 😀

          1. Prejudicely correct thou Nob .

        2. Georgina, you have clearly survived an attempted abortion. Sadly, not without serious consequences..
          The Another reason to lower the ”24 weeks limit” to 12 weeks back in your homeland.

          1. 😀 I’m afraid Juraj he would survive even if the attempt happened right after the intercourse.

        3. kids were at risk, right? Prove it! You sure know the important facts and have key evidence. So it is obligatory to bring it to the Court. Can we meet there? Give me your name, be so kind, you are very important key witness, knowing all the details about the parents. But if you are just insulting someone without ability to prove your claims, then get ready for punitive/compensatory damages.

          1. Elle , When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think more sardines will be thrown into the sea.

        4. well, as your ss very often use the words “potential child abuser”… so tell me your opinion, who CAN’T be a potential child abuser? because if your social services will take kids from all parents, who CAN be a potential child abusers, there will be no child living with his/her biological parents in britain any more.

    2. When will all Slowvaks be deported from the UK – thats the real question Alec.

      1. What a great idea, D.C . Lets start a Facebook campaign to have them all ejected ??

        What makes me die with laughter, is that there are perhaps 300 Brits in Slowvakia, staying=living here full time, another 300/400 perhaps here part-time, or in company jobs, or trying it out short term.

        How many Slowvaks are there living in Nob`s & Juki`s `most terrible, unfair and unjust ` Britain ..around 50, 000 Slowvaks at the last count????

        Makes you wonder what these bloody immigrants see in the UK, eh …?

        1. Earning money and improving their English. What else?

        2. Sadly, it is Brittan who needs ”new blood” . Small island , Small gene pool. Small gene pool, people like Georgina gets born..

          1. Say guys, lets be real clear here, I am doing my best to improve the Gene Pool, every blooming night ….OK.

        3. it makes me wonder as well, because i had enough the UK after 2 months. i know a much better places to live. with more sunshine, nice, friendly people and much, much tastier cuisine

      2. If the UK keeps doing what it’s doing I’m guessing in 20 years all of them will leave. But don’t worry, some other people will come.

        I have a Polish friend. He has lived in the UK for about 4 years now. He is leaving for Canada soon. He doesn’t like it much over there. He doesn’t like the British attitude and the job situation is not good either.

        1. You Polish friend ..a lumberjack by any chance ???

      3. maybe right after british ambassador will be kick out right out of the window of British Ambassy in SK? Hm? How do you like it you simple minded prejudiced jerk?

  17. The children want to stay with their foster parents? Too late, even if the SS appeals the boys will come back home on January 4th. They’ll miss their third Christmas in a row with their parents but it’s not the most important thing right now.
    Have you noticed Alec that this is the first case in which the Brits admitted mistake? Well, they didn’t apologize of course and nobody will bear the consequences. They did it quietly, under the restriction of information.

    There are without doubts many more cases in which the SS made similar mistakes. This particular case makes me wonder:
    1. Would it be possible to accept the appeal and stop the adoption process if the mother wasn’t a nurse, kept working during the whole time and at the same time didn’t miss even one apointment with the boys, travelled to see them for 2 years /to be eventually told in September this year that the boys were put for adoption and she can’t see them anymore/?
    2. Would it be possible if Mrs.B didn’t fight so hard that she even divorced her husband /officially/ to get her kids back?
    3. Would it be possible if Mrs.B’s mother was sick or had passed away?
    4. Would it be possible if Mrs.B didn’t sign the treacherous form where she gave the kids up as she was told it would be only for 2-3 weeks and later she would get the kids back?
    5. Would it be possible if Mrs.Cisarova didn’t step in, travelled to London and eventually asked for permission to interviene which was allowed and Slovakia became the first country in the world that was officially allowed this intervention in favour of it’s citizens?
    6. Would it be possible if Slovakia didn’t announce, at the beginning of September, that will take the case to the European court of human rights, which was published in the British newspapers?

    This case is clearly an example how the UK SS system is not functioning correctly and makes mistakes.
    And excuses how it’s only fault on the SVK side is just not good enough!! What if the mother comes from a country that is in a war or it’s relationship with the UK is not good, who would help that mother then?
    And the stupid excuses how the mother didn’t tell her full story. It’s because of the restrictions!! I am sure that next year as soon as the restrictions are cancelled we will know what happened. However it will be refused by our English friends as a one side of the story of course. Some people don’t believe even in the holocaust, because they chose not to believe.

    1. Who actually cares, just the dumcluck Slowvaks ??…The runts and thieves of the EU …

      I believe if the children had been adopted, they may have had a real life with opportunity …now they can be open to abuse and live in a mud hut, with the gran …great eh ?

      1. You are a sick and xenophobic pig Georgina! In short “an English”!

        1. Lets get this on record Nob, you think being with the Gran, is a good idea ?

          Where her own child was abused by their drunk father, ( yes the Slowvak media missed that bit out ) The Gran, made her own daughter become a nun and give herself to God, then she then changed, gave herself to men, has four kids by two different men (something else the media miss out ) and now the kids will live with the gran and accessed by so callded `decent mon“ and a rather strange father of the kids ?

          1. It’s not funny anymore, it’s just sick sick sick!!

          2. George, old boy, your wasting your time. Slowvaks in general can’t accept the truth or process facts – just leave them in their sad fantasy world. As for the kids, if they are returned to Neverneverland the UK authorities can wash their hands of the entire matter. If anything happens to the kids here…….. it will be someone elses fault.

        2. The problem is Nob, I was ever never joking . I am concerned for the safety of the children, not for the promo the Slowvak race arrogance, that this woman was ever a decent mom. Given all the circumstances , I am quite stunned that so many actually support this woman I guess there are sukers born every minute ….most of them are Catholic .

          QED, I have to take it that you agree that these kids are best off with the gran ? God help these poor children then ,

          1. All I wonder about is in what week you were terminated. Reading your comments for the last 10 months I’m guessing it couldn’t be later then week 5 or 6.

          2. Wrong as always….Oh Nob. I was never terminated, just s few of my comments moderated, as were ALL of yours .

          3. I have to correct my guess. It must’ve been fewer than 5 weeks.

      2. hm, runts and thieves of the EU…I would say much better renome than renome of Britons being child abusers and pedofils from the top to the bottom of this miraculous country.

        Yes, for sure our kids have new kind of bogyman, anglish SS aunties. 🙂 I think if we say obey honey or anglish auntie comes, thay will run with cosmic speed to their beds. 🙂 Such a spooky country this UK….

  18. Throughout all this melodramatic soap opera it seems no one has actually listened to the views of the children, who it is said are happy to stay with the foster parents.All so very strange. When I see a child of six or seven jointly holding a chainsaw with his father cutting wood; a child of less than ten inline skating whilst carrying a baby; a young boy sitting on his fathers lap and driving a car through a village, then it is clear what is acceptable in Slovak society differs from that in the UK. I am not suggesting for one minute that Slovak parents are not good, but clearly there are, rightly or wrongly, often some fundamental differences about what is perceived of as being acceptable practice.

    1. I would kill if my father allowed me to drive a car when I was little. Just in the yard would be so awesome. Nope, didn’t happen. When I was taking the driving course /at the age of 18/ I asked my father if I could practice on the field road. After about 2 min my father got nervous and started shouting at me telling me how to change the gear and press the gas pedal.
      When my mother was taking driving course she asked me to sit in the car with her and help her, not my father 😀

      1. Nob, sorry your point being ??? This makes no sense at all. No real surprise there ?????

    2. Alec,

      -you are saying : ”no one has actually listened to the views of the children, who it is said are happy to stay with the foster parents” ???

      ..are you feeling okay today Alec?

      Has ANYONE asked the boys whilst removing them from the REAL parents if they are happy to be given to ”foster care” ???

      I am sure what SS done to the boys is the deepest mental scar they had in they whole life..
      It is not just about the foreign children , British parents started to ”blow whistle ” recently too… if just British parents are allowed to to talk about this publicly ( without threatening to go to prison) ….
      Just go on any UK parenting forum on internet, you will realize how SS ”treat” people … Honest British parents widely advise and agree not to go to doctors with the the common childhood injuries with could potentially been labelled as abuse!
      Congratulation to this amazing best regulated system in world.

      1. Ah ha , so on the internet, so it just must be true ….how stupid you are Juki ..

        1. Just one question for you Georgina:
          Where did you got informations about this case from???

          1. Like Nob , I have a friend who heads Social Services …

          2. 😀 Yeah. Get a grip Georgina

          3. Get a grip ?? Well I have handcuffs on the bedstead, will that do ?

            Actually, I went to school with him up to age 11 . We used to play cricket in the same team ….amazing how the website Friends Reunited bring old pals closer together .

    3. Smug, I think I made that same point several times on previous topic forum, but all on this same subject matter . But good you repeat it again. What is acceptable with once race, is not with another . That is the issue here .

      In the Uk, Slowvaks often share a house with three, even for family`s and even just one room as a family, with four kids and top and tail the kids in beds. I do understand, it is to save cost …but it is not acceptable living conditions in the UK , but this is actually quite normal in many parts of Slowvakia … Primitive of course, but quite normal for a family of eight or ten to all sleep in one room .

      1. you’re not writing about slovaks, you’re writing about romas from slovakia. or can you be sure, they’re from slovakia? not from hungary, czech, romania, italy, etc?

      2. How do you percieve the perfect world? Every child has their own room, everyn parent has theirs? What the average Slovakian makes is not in any comparison to the UK or any of the EU, you have ot proven that money is the influence of the conditions, so bugger off! One room houses were wwhere peoplle started…if you ha

    4. well, those two boys could say, they wants to stay with their fosters, because they were too young. 10months old baby will hardly recognise his mother after 2 and half years of not seeing her. especially, if nobody tells him, his foster is not his mum. and he can’t see, something is not right, because his foster is over the age of his grandmother and simply can’t be his biological mother.
      the other thing…the same types of moroon, who drives a car with a baby on his lap, you’ll find in uk, in usa, in africa, wherever…. what i see in UK and not in slovakia, (except the roma ethnicum, which is a special case, not just in slovakia, but in whole europe), the UK has the highest rate of teenage mothers in europe. where are the parents? who is responsible for this? and what about the nutrition habits? you’ll hardly see a mother in slovakia, which’ll feed her 1 year old child with a crisps, chips or burgers.

      1. Dear Mo & Expat ….it is Christmas and as I at least try to be pleasant to Mo …let me direct these comments to them, rather than Cowpat, who has trouble counting with an Abacus .

        Slovak roma are Slowvak . Whether you like it or not …The same as we Brits have a range coloured, slitty eyed , or chocolate people called British. The living conditions . That is the entire point DC and myself have been making since the start …What may be acceptable in Slowvakia is not acceptable to Brit SS and thus if you live like pigs in sty, with kids, you will find yourself in poo . Finally a potential male Child Molester or Pervert. Lets use Cowpat as an example today. Odd guy, cannot spell, doesn`t get the joke, ever, cannot put English sentences together, believes wife`s respect will keep them together, an out and out dimwit …suddenly we find all his children have herpies, both top and bottom and/or some broken limbs…..Dont the British SS have a right to protect the child first ….? I close my case ?

      2. mony
        Rewind the footage from JOJ of your loving Slovak parents making their escape in a car – the caring mother had the child on her lap, not in a secured cot and did not have her seat belt on – both offences in the UK.
        And don’t forget the loving Slovak mum who left a young baby in an unventilated car this summer while she went shopping with her friends. The child needed hospital treatment. As for the feeding of kids, please come to my house and watch out of one of my windows, the same kids, every day, buying pizza so my suspicion is kids unable to walk to the take-away could well be not getting fed.

        1. You should stop watching TV JOJ Grandpa. It makes you even more stupid that you already are.

          1. Oh so that is why Slowvaks are so bloody stupid, they are all watching TV JOJ …and they even Believe it …..

            OH JB, jB , JB ………..I have found the real cure for Slowvaks Stupidly …..there isn`t one!

            Seems we have yet another year of lampooning and mockery od the Slowvaks race ahead of us …JOY !

          2. Are you whinning again Georgina? You are so sensitive about everything. Everything insults you. I am trying to be nice to you and you don’t appreciate it at all.

  19. As we can see Britain is getting ”better and better” !

    Family first, as they say !

    1. Actually selecting `sex` has happened for cultural and other reasons years , and all over the world, Ayran Slowvaks have been terminating and sterilizing the Roma woman race for 50 years Normally if the birth was a girl, then sometimes the cull came within a few weeks after the delivery . Not saying it was right, but I guess that is a parent-cultural ideal . Condoms would have been a better way of controlling the family .

      Personally, being a non religious person, I have no real problem with selective breeding and parental choice in these matters. We already medically re-insert, woman`s eegs, sperm, perhaps clone, abort for social and handicap reasons , so what is the problem? Well other than to those God loving people like Juki, when rogering Slowvak R.C Priests are to be protected at all cost by their faith followers?

      Cowpat ….what the …..?? did you slip and fall on that wet crossing in Karlova ves and bang your head? What are you on about man ??

      1. George ,

        ” I have no real problem with selective breeding and parental choice in these matters”

        Listen you Primitive, termination of pregnancy due to ”selective breeding” in 24 weeks (6 months) of pregnancy is VERY serious matter as the baby is already fully developed, including brain and nerve system.
        Prematurely born babies at 6th months of pregnancy commonly survive in these days, as they are not fetuses anymore but fully developed human beings.

        The fact that you support killing fully developed human being , (as it is not ”just fetus ” anymore) reflects your what kind of the person you are.
        Please do me a favor, don’t have ANY kids .
        And if you really want them please do this ”selective breeding” at your homeland -back on the farm in stables where you have been born..

        1. It must’ve been earlier Juraj. In week 16 the sex organs are sufficiently mature for his sex to be evident, although it’s not always detectable by the ultrasound scan.

          Just ignore Georgina, ethics is not telling him anything. He is not only pretending to be a terrible man, he is what you see/read.

          1. Losgar the problem is that those doctors in UK are aborting pregnancy up to 23-24 weeks of the pregnancy on “no question asked” basis, for profit.
            At this “age” the fetus is fully developed human which feels pain and can hear..
            And all this due to gender selection.

            I am not against abortion as such, as there are sometimes serious and valid reasons to do that. BUT , in Slovakia -they distinguish between “blood clot” and “fully developed human being ” ,and therefore abortion dead line has been set up to 12 weeks of pregnancy when fetuses nerve system hasn’t developed yet.

          2. There’ve been babies born earlier then 24 weeks and survived!! They are technically killing a perfectly developed human being.

            200.000 abortions in England and Wales every year!! And there are only very few Fatimas among them, I guess.

          3. Shock horror eh guys. This comes from the two richeous indignation Slowvak nationals, who sterilize Roma woman by force and who`s Great Gran fathers PAID to send 50,000 Jew, Roma and gays to the gas chamber . Surely it is better to have a termination, rather than be born Slowvak ? Look what happened when the former nun, found she loved a bit of the old red roaster and had 4 kids under 30 . They all lived in one room, two double beds and you Slowvaks call here a `decent mother `?

            I just believe it is a woman`s right to to do what she want to do with her own body . If she wants to terminate at anytime …I believe 24 weeks is standard in may countries then it is up to her and for whatever reason . Funny how the Slowvak Ayran males get all snotty ….most of them just bugger off once a woman is preggers and leave the poor woman to fend for herself …

          4. Loggie,
            A Slowvak talking about ethics? What next? Honesty?, Integrity?
            I personally am not in favour of abortion unless on serious medical grounds.
            I do however find both your and Jurajs comments just plain hypocrasy, the UK (Mainland) has legally defined criteria for the consideration of a termination, it must be agreed by two doctors and the mother.
            In Slowvakia a woman can just demand an abortion, no reason, no medical or mental health arguement, no counselling, no independant advice, no legally binding criteria – its just offered as a service Wham bang, thank you Maam.
            People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

          5. Sure, everybody is personally against abortion yet they happen.

            All differencies between SVK and the UK I see that in the UK you need 2 doctors and in SVK 1 doctor. Yet the UK doctors say “I don’t need to hear the details” – just as it was written in Juraj’s article.

            The 2nd difference I see is that in SVK pregnancy can be terminated up to the 12th week and in the UK up to the 24th week. 2% of abortions in the UK happen between 20th and 24th week, when the baby has developed the nerve system and can feel PAIN! It’s 4.000 babies every year just in England and Wales that die in pain!!

            We might live in a glass house but you, in this case, live in a plastic greenhouse.

        2. Omg Georgina,
          You are talking out of your ass, again and again.. :
          ,,I believe 24 weeks is standard in many countries”

          May I suggest you to check some facts before you spit out the crap out of your dirty mouth?
          Britain is only country in Europe , which support abortion on demand up to 6 months of pregnancy. France ,Germany ,Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary, Poland,Denmark,Austria,… – 12 weeks
          George, I will give you advise. I hate to say this, as you are older than me but you are gradually -but surely becoming this forum’s idiot. As someone already wrote here, more and more of your posts are getting irrational,also more and more vulgar without a valid reason. You tend to insult people on level of 14 years old feral boy , just because you don’t have have an valid argument to say. Many people just choose not to react on your post, as there is really no point.Talking to you is like pouring water into broken bucket, just pointless.
          Get grip, before it’s too late.

          1. mmmm, Older and wiser it would appear . Many of the States you mention, are Catholic …and there is always a compromise when the church gets involved . Not so in the UK, where we determine what is best for all concerned, not what some perverted group of church goes think .

            So Juki, you don`t agree that a woman should be allowed to determine what she should do with her own body then ? . You, or the you want the State to decide for her ??? . What next, State execution … ?? Ah yes our friends the American`s have that idea, as the world policeman, of the right thing to do and cheer in the streets when a drone drops of a terrorist and kills a group of `acceptable, but unfortunate loss and casualties of several young children` …What about the way they killed Bin Larden ??? Kids die all the time, look at events of the last week . Better to be born wanted, loved, provided for, with a future, than be a born a Slovwak, hit and abused by your father in many cases or raped by a close relative, as I have been informed by many Slowvak women. It is quite common here I am told . You like most Slowvaks Juki, live in a time bubble …because no one ever believes these things happen .

            Welcome to George Orwell and 1984 …you really are still a communist in your mind. Juki, we all have to die, normally someone or something decides for us …and OMG …it is coming to you .

          2. Juraj
            The information on abortion laws in Europe are freely available so why are you writing fiction? The UK has NEVER had abortion on demand – Slovakia always has.
            If you bother to read the facts you will discover that the UK has some of the tightest legislation on abortion in Europe. UK – UN category 3, Slovakia – UN category 4. Of the other countries you mention, only Poland is ranked higher than the UK at Category 2.

          3. D.C, Lies ….Because he read it on the interne tso it must be true …well if he could read, rather than skim, cherry pick .

            Juki and Nobhead have no crediblity , because almost none of their OMG stories stack up ….they have no life, or investigative experience and never fact check . Why do you think this country is the way it is…in the dark ages .

          4. David ,

            ”The UK has NEVER had abortion on demand”


            …ehhm, I presume your ageing showing up now?

          5. Juki , Not sure why you are so anti women doing as they want with their own bodies ? The UK is just providing a service, that women want …bit like the Nazi`s did for Slowvaks, when you wanted to cull 50,000 Jews and other odds and sods ….

            When you considered a pecker extension, or your wanted your face reshaped, did you get permission from your mom ?

          6. I think we should feel very sorry for this creepy little nothing as he is perhaps the product of forced adoption process happened in his childhood. Poor him, he is still very scared of others, living in country where Mr. Sevile haunted for the decades. The damage was done.

      2. Sorry, I don’t follow your attempt to be funny! I hold my tongue…as they say in Britian…Keep a stiff upper lip!

        Have a sfae and happy Holdiay Season, everyone!

        1. No real surprise you dont get it Cowpat …not sure anyone was being even being humorous ?? Be careful on the Crossing thou, Juki and Nobhead will want the State to decide for you, if you can walk on their paint .

      3. George – Shame they don’t practice selective breeding here! Imagine the aerodynamic benefits of smaller ears when cycling, not looking like a pick axe when stood with your back to a mirror, a higher cranium – useful storage space for lifes essentials – fags, booze etc. eventually the brain might increase in size and raise IQs above those generally found in greenhouses/morgues.
        Condoms are quite difficult to fit correctly even if you have opposing thumbs so they would be a non starter for most hereabouts.
        Clones – did n’t we do that back in the 80’s? called him Dolly? works for US Steel now?
        Happy Christmas!

    2. Christmas is coming Juraj, maybe we can give the Brits a break 🙂

      In China it’s prohibited to reveal the unborn baby’s gender to the parents for the same reason. I think the UK is ready for this law too.

      1. Poor Nob and Juki are so suked in by their religious upbringing they just dont get it …

        In China they are forced by pier pressure, to have only one kid, per family …Boys are favored by most of those family in the countryside, because they are more actual use on the small holdings or farms . So to reveal the sex, then means they may abort, because it is a born a girl . The State of course needs females born to keep the population going …

    3. “Throughout the years, abortion has remained the preferred method of birth control because abortions were free on demand but contraceptives were not” – extract from a UN report on population in Slovakia. Pocket first, womens’ health next, family somewhere near the bottom!
      Abortions are still performed on demand in Slovakia before the 12th week – in the UK (Eng,Scot.Wales) a woman has to satisfy at least one of FIVE criteria for an abortion. Svk does perform abortions upto the 24th week. Only 10% of UK abortions take place after the 13th week, 0.02% at 24 weeks.
      Read the follow up to the article Juraj quotes – CEO of CQC resigns, Health Minister orders an investigation, all 250 clinics “raided”, 50 found to be “bending the rules”, some found to be acting illegally.
      Result – Clinics have lost licences, doctors have been “struck off” and criminal procedings are continuing – all that in six months NOT 6 decades as it would here!

      1. 2% of the abortions in England and Wales are performed between week 20 and 24. The baby’s nervous system is developed and feels pain while is torn into pieces.

        Why am I not surprised that nothing is ever wrong in the UK?
        What is that bull informaton about SVK? Through out the years? What years? Are you crazy Grandpa? You are saying that we thought that abortion was better then contraceptives?
        You are a lier!!!

        1. Shame on you Grandpa! I found on the internet that text. You just lifted out of context a part of an old UN report, talking about history 30-40 years ago when contraceptives were difficult to obtain. It still makes you a manipulator and a crook.

          1. The UN report I quoted was published in 2010 and covers the period to that date. Although abortion rates have fallen drastically in the last 25 years (41% in 1988 to 22.5% in 2010) the comment is still true. Slovakia has a policy of abortion on demand, no restrictions, within the first 12 weeks and conducts abortions upro 24 weeks subject to similar conditions as in the UK AND abortion in Slowvakia is still the most popular method of birth control (only 41% of married couples use contraceptives – WHO report dated 2011 – or are they lying?)
            I don’t lie, I leave that and being a crook to those who do it better – Slowvaks. Yet again you and your sidekick post dribble and don’t like it when someone shoots holes in it – How Slowvak!

          2. 41% of all maried couples use contraceptives? And the other 59% abortion??? 😀

            The UN report was posted in 2002. But it doesn’t matter in which year it was written because it talks about the past – 30-40 years ago!!

            You are a crook and you will just dig out anything to prove how the UK is better than the rest of the world even it’s not!

          3. Loggie – The UN population report is published every four years, the fact you can’t find the latest edition speaks volumes. Not 40, 30,20,10 or 5 years ago – published in 2010, thats 2 years, put your socks back on! What an embarrassment to your country you are!

          4. 🙂

  20. Slovak kids used as business!!! who are they trying to kid!!! parents working all day on the farm, or maximum in a production hall! thats why the kids were taken in the first place!!! now they are to embarrassed to face up to it!! so what do they do?? Blame the social services for doing the correct legal thing….

    20-30 people comment on here… 20 – 30 x 20 visits you get 135.000 page hit per month if you look at the 5 articles each off you 20- 30… whats it all about??

    George are you being paid to create attention to this site? sure looks like it!!!

    the czech site!!! not even a comment! please review its the no win competition your up against…

    1. Some people provide homestay for foreign students /they did in Australia when I was there/. Why? For money. 150EUR/week is apparently good enough to give up the privacy of their home.

      Tell me Expat, I would really like to know, what do you think – why some people foster for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years and never adopt the kids? Just like the people who were members of the British nationalist party and only after the SS found out about the membership they denied them /after 7 years/ from fostering Polis kids. Isn’t it also because of the money?
      I’m not saying that all of them foster for money, but what IF 50% of them do?

      But again the general problem doesn’t lie with the foster parents as much as it lies with the SS’ system. The line is thin and mistakes happen.

      On the SVK side – SME daily tested the SVK SS – sent emails to 15 SS in different towns informing them about a kid being treated badly by his father. 3 SS didn’t reply till Wednesday. A big problem again as these SS don’t even see the thin line yet.

      1. For everybody – the best thing you can do if you know about a kid being treated badly and who needs help is to call this hot line:
        0800 191 222

        1. You have 0800 numbers in Slowvakia …?

          Boy is that that gonna be confusing for the sex perverts .

          1. are you talking about yourself and another british sex perverts? I heard you have too many of them in you country. Very fruitfull coutry, pedofil and child abusser on each corner. Even in BBC, that almighty media station…of, I do really envy you. It must be such paradise!!!!

          2. Me thinks This Elle Elephant actually has balls, rather than breasts …

            He He, The writing style is like a signature …..

  21. Audited ??? But in all cases they were not at fault and it was someone else to blame . The only reason these kids are going to the grandmother is because 1)she woke up from her sleepy life in the shanty town and the actual mother of the kids begged and pleaded for her to do something anything 2) because the Slowvak child abuse department took some responsibility and said they would take on the cost to monitor the situation, with the children being held with the gran in some village in SVK. Before the TV media involvement, they all were happy for the UK, to take on this massive expense of UK Taxpayers cash looking after and protecting these abused Slowvak children .

    Personally, I hope the Social Services appeal the court, as this would be the right decision and moral thing to do, given that the entire family have some serious unanswered questions still to give, in this entire matter and there is the long term protection of the children to consider . Clearly this matter has gone this way to save the UK further cost, rather than for the long term good and protection of the kids .

    1. eee, wrong estimation, my dear. No balls so far…. 🙂 Any problem? Ha?

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