Slovak Labour Market Under Threat

The latest unemployment figures in Slovakia show a slight positive trend, as the unemployment rate dropped by a mere 0.19% over March to reach 12.94% in April. Even so, the figure is still almost 0.5% higher than it was last year.

As the labour markets in other EU countries open up for Slovaks, most importantly those of Germany and Austria, there are fears of a braindrain as many Slovaks prepare to move abroad in the hope of better paid work under better conditions.

At a press conference on the subject of labour movement, head of HR company trenkwalder, Lubos Sirota, is reported by TASR newswire as saying that one in four Slovaks are ready to pack their bags in search of better climes. Sirota also said that probably 60% more people are seriously considering the idea, based on a survey on 6,600 people carried out by the company in Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The survey also claims that one in five Slovaks would happily move abroad for good in the hope of broadening their horizons. Sirota feels that because the German and Austrian markets have now opened up, the Slovak labour market will suffer even more, with foreign investors already complaining about a lack of suitable workers.

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