Slovak League American Football Opens this Weekend

Trnava Buldogs

Slovakia finally has its own American football league and the inaugural game kicks off this weekend in Bratislava as the Bratislava Monarchs host the Trnava Bulldogs. After 7-on-7 scrimmages during the summer among the Slovak teams, 4 teams are ready to play 11-on-11, full field, full contact, NCAA rules American football. The 4 teams are the Bratislava Monarchs, Nitra Knights, Zvolen Patriots, and Trnava Bulldogs. Each team plays 6 games, 3 at home and 3 on the road. The season schedule is as follows, home teams listed first:

09/10/2011 (Sat), Bratislava Monarchs vs. Trnava Bulldogs
09/17/2011 (Sat), Bratislava Monarchs vs. Nitra Knights
09/18/2011 (Sun), Zvolen Patriots vs Trnava Bulldogs
09/24/2011 (Sat), Bratislava Monarchs vs. Zvolen Patriots
09/25/2011 (Sun), Nitra Knights vs. Trnava Bulldogs
10/01/2011 (Sat), Nitra Knights vs. Zvolen Patriots
10/08/2011 (Sat), Bratislava Monarchs vs. Nitra Knights
10/09/2011 (Sun), Trnava Bulldogs vs. Zvolen Patriots
10/15/2011 (Sat), Trnava Bulldogs vs Nitra Knights
10/16/2011 (Sun), Zvolen Patriots vs. Bratislava Monarchs
10/22/2011 (Sat), Trnava Bulldogs vs. Bratislava Monarchs
10/23/2011 (Sun), Zvolen Patriots vs. Nitra Knights
To find more information on these teams, go to their websites:

This season is sure to be a huge progress step in establishing a competitive league here in Slovakia and everyone hopes that the other 4 Slovak teams (Topolcany, Smolenice, Malacky, and Banska Bystrica) will be ready to join the league next year. With that being said, all Slovak teams welcome walk-on players, coaching and conditioning assistants, and sponsors to assist in making the teams more prepared and competitive.

For this weekend’s game, kick-off is at 1:30 PM at Istrochem Stadium at Nobelova 14 in Bratislava.

Photo courtesy of Trnava Bulldogs

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