Slovak MPs Enraged At Hungary’s Possible Military Strike

Leading opposition party Smer-SD is blowing a fuse at recent comments made by chairman of the Hungarian parliament Laszlo Kover concerning a possible military attack on Slovakia, and the party is demanding that the Slovak government make an immediate response.

In an interview with Czech daily Hospodarske Noviny, Mr. Kover showed what the Smer-SD party referred to as “Hungary’s true colours” after he said that the current government in Hungary was capable of considering a military attack on Slovakia.

This is not the only qualm Smer-SD has, though, as it is pointing to other recent comments and actions from south of the border. These include how Hungarians in Slovakia were allegedly told not to respect the Paris Peace Treaty from 1919 and how Hungary is claiming that Slovakia changed the border between the two countries when building the Gabcikovo dam, which would formally entitle Hungary to make a military strike on Slovakia.

Deputy head of Smer-SD, Marek Mad

Are the smiles set to fade?

aric, has said that these and other issues are the way Hungary is responding to Slovakia’s weak foreign affairs policies, with the country making too many concessions. On the subject of the military attack, Madaric said that Kover’s statement was “outrageous and scandalous”, and just proves how Hungary disrespects its neighbours.

The Smer-SD party is therefore demanding that the Slovak government issue a response and also elaborate a strategy for defending Slovakia’s interests against Hungary. Madaric then criticised PM Iveta Radicova and her party colleague, foreign affairs minister Mikulas Dzurinda, for being too soft with Hungary and for not reacting to Hungary’s arrogance and aggression.


  1. I thought Slovakia only became a country in 1991 , when they split from the Czech’s ? Did the Slovaks not join with the Nazi Germany as muppets and paid to have some 50,000 Slovak Jews sent to the Gas Chambers ??

    Personally I think that split in 1991 was improper , and has led to today’s issues of conflict. Slovaks always feel inferior, to both the people of Hungary and Czech’s and are treated a bit by these country’s rather like the rest of Britain treat the Irish race … turf cutters, peasant potato farmers and the butt of ‘daa thick’ jokes .

  2. Points raised by that fascist are not a question of SVK vs. HUN but they are internationally agreed by winners of WW2. Official resolution of UN is that there will be no border changes back to state before WW2.
    Any border changes before 1948 are irrelevant in view of international law.
    As Hungary joined nazis voluntarily they were the loosing side so they should STFU and be happy with their big nice country. Unfortunately most people don´t see the difference between normal people and politicians taking care of their fat asses.

  3. Can anyone kindly translate what John said to me , as he has just lost me?

    I would point out Hungray are basically bankrupt , so have no money for a war . Secondly , why would Slovak Hungarians want to live in country under the harsh control of the IMF and bunch of right wing fascists i ? Finally, in the last election , the SK-HU vote rejected the radical and lets all claim independence whilst put up the barbed wire fences SMK party and voted in those very nice Gay men at Most-Hid .

    As for a amusing , I find the ‘races’ amusing , and that anyone still falls ‘ its war guy ‘ load of tosh, as it appears you and some cretins do .

  4. George, I don’t think it’s that funny when the chief of parliament of the neighbouring country (Hungary) declares it would be better to attack their neighbours (Slovakia), who should even not exist. It’s pathetic and dangerous like you are. You and your bancrupt country should really take a pedagogic kick in the ass to stop this demagogy, before its too late

  5. Oh dear, yet again when all else fails to amuse the voting public or News media, and create enemies of the State , that are about to attack this Paradise Island, full of Milk & Honey and call Slovakia….I guess mad Smer Madaric kinda forgets that it was not so long ago that one of his government partners , ie. one SNS Slota that was claiming he was on his way to Budapest with tanks ..

    In this very sad country, this crazy fear rhetoric is for home consumption of the many local voting peasants and the woodcutter drunks on both sides of the border, rather than the educated . The nationalistic flag waving from pole firmly placed up the hole in each others backsides, is to detract from the real issues facing each country . Poverty, Corruption, fair Law & Justice !

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