Slovak-Russian Business Forum in St. Petersburg

Economy minister Juraj Miskov (c) The Daily

Economy minister Juraj Miskov made a trip to St. Petersburg yesterday to open the Slovak-Russian Business Forum, which is aimed at boosting mutual trade between the two countries.

A statement released by the Ministry of Economy underlines the importance of trade links with Russia for the Slovak economy, saying both countries were committed to more intense cooperation, with specific reference to trade, energies, industry, tourism, and the financial and banking sector.

On the subject of energy efficiency and renewable energies, minister Miskov pointed to an earlier Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency and the Russian Energy Agency.

Last year Slovakia had a negative trade balance of EUR 2.734 billion with Russia thanks chiefly to fuels, with imports amounting to almost EUR 4.7 billion while exports to Russia comprised just EUR 1.92 billion.

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