Slovak Schools Get Solar Energy Boost

The company Conergy will be equipping fourteen schools and municipal buildings with solar plants with a total capacity of some 700 kW, realising one of the largest Conergy solar projects in Slovakia to date. The solar experts are in the process of installing all fourteen solar plants on the building roofs in parallel. According to the schedule, the power plants will bring clean power into the classrooms in southern Slovakia as early as June.
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The Slovak investor NoviSol and Conergy’s long-standing local partner Sunlux Slovakia have decided in favour of Conergy quality. Some 2,500 Conergy solar modules will in future produce over 750,000 kilowatt hours of clean solar energy a year, to be fed into the power grid by 40 Conergy IPG T inverters. Each installation will be monitored by a Conergy VisionBox.

Over the next 15 years, the solar power plants will prevent 13,000 tons of damaging CO2 emissions – as much as around 400 trees could offset in this time. This will benefit the environment on the one hand and the pupils on the other: Thanks to the power plants, the energy transition will be something the pupils can experience and understand first hand and not just as a remote theory from a textbook.
“At 700 kilowatts, the project as a whole is relatively large for the current Slovak market, although it is made up of 14 individual rooftop installations,” said Stefan Balbierz, responsible for Conergy’s activities in the German, Czech and Slovakian market. “As is the case throughout Europe, the trend in Slovakia is also to move onto the roof. The focus is on smaller rooftop plants with a capacity of up to 100 kilowatts. This is the only type of installation that the government is currently encouraging with a feed-in tariff.”
Due to the initially very high feed-in tariff, the solar market developed very dynamically in Slovakia last year, leading to it becoming overheated at the beginning of 2011. After an appropriate adjustment of the feed-in tariffs, experts are now expecting the market to balance out at the 2010 level with a further addition of up to 100 MW per year. “We think that with the expected further installations, the market will continue to remain very interesting,” said Stefan Balbierz. “Conergy is in a good position here and has many years of experience, particularly in the rooftop segment. With our solar systems, we offer everything from one single source; that facilitates the customer’s planning and implementation enormously.”
Source: Conergy

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