Slovak Tourist Board Focuses on Solvent Countries

The Slovak Tourist Board (SACR) has decided to concentrate its efforts to boost tourism in Slovakia in 2012 on the more affluent countries of Scandinavia, Ukraine (because numbers are rising substantially) and the United Kingdom, as it will host the Olympic Games this year.

Bratislava (c) The Daily

Head of SACR Peter Belinsky said the strategic decision was made accounting for certain economic factors in the world at present, as it was not possible to expect many tourists from crisis-hit countries.

According to SACR website, the biggest source of tourists to Slovakia is the neighbouring Czech Republic, where SACR wants to focus more on young people this year.


  1. Slovakia as a tourist destination for the Brits – excellent idea, you have the wildlife ( when your not shooting it!), mountains, forests, lakes, castles, historic sites, wonderful museums, good food, cheap drinks, brilliant public transport and summer weather that puts many other destinations in the shade – but how the hell do the Brits get here? The air service is almost non existent other than the flights to Bratislava. The road system is a death trap – not only for the poor state of the roads, but also for the the high percentage of Kamikaze drivers who frequent them. You can’t hire bikes, you can’t try the fishing because you can’t get casual permits. Many tourist information centres are closed at the weekend and the range and standard of the few English guides they offer is lementable. Some of the local police treat visitors with nothing short of contempt and will do anything but help tourists. Expat mentions the language problem and it would be better if at least some of the staff in hotels have some basic English but most Brits will make an effort to learn some local phrases as part of their holiday experience. Slovak medical services would have to be made more “user friendly” to say the least. I wish Mr Belinsky well in his efforts but I believe the greatest barriers to Slovakia becoming a tourist destination for the Brits are outside of his control.

  2. Although a beautyful country (Tatras, nature…) tourist will come only once to SK. If you go e.g. to the Tatras and stay in a 4star hotel you will only find hotel employees who are able to speak Slovak. Even information material, notes wellness programs you will only get in Slovak language – frustrating… Even in a capital like Bratislava you have only one English news paper on weekly basis…

  3. Perhaps Mr Belinsky could actualy create something for these new tourist to do, see and visit ???

    Well other than a riot gear, tear gas filled march, when he gays etc , parade in town ?

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