Slovak-Turkish Scam Marriage Goes Wrong

The National illegal migration unit of the police has charged three people with planning a fake marriage in an attempt to allow a Turkish citizen to remain in Slovakia.

photo (c) Tatiana Gerus

The groom’s brother, a Turk living in Austria, approached a young Slovak woman offering her EUR 500 to marry his brother as his temporary residence visa here was about to expire. If married, he could then apply for a permanent residence permit and remain in the country.

The couple therefore got married at the beginning of October, but the plan went wrong after he applied for a permit at the Foreigners Police in Dunajska Streda. They found the whole situation dubious and so did some investigating, which led to his application for residence being refused.

Now the two Slovak women and the groom’s brother who were involved in the scam marriage could spend up to eight years in jail here, while the only punishment for the fresh groom is a five-year ban on entering the Slovak Republic.


  1. BTW …I read a great story today …

    Slovakia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry is convinced that the most important thing after the death of Muammar Gaddafi’s is that violence against Libyan civilians is stopped, the ministry’s spokesperson, Ľuboš Schwarzbacher, told the TASR newswire on October 21.

    “Libya’s new administration and Libya’s citizens will have to start the process of building a free pluralistic society and viable economy,” said Schwarzbacher, as quoted by TASR, adding that both the United Nations and Slovakia will provide support to Libya in its efforts to accomplish these goals.

    “We are prepared to back Libyan reforms, share our transformation experience and develop cooperation that will benefit both Libya and Slovakia,” the spokesman said.

    This utter Slovak huff and puff of self importance made me roar with laughter . So what will Slovakia provide then ….mine clearance ….group huggin sessions, or a few bottles of Domestos ?

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