Slovak Woman Work 3 Months More for Same Pay

According to an analysis of the Ministry of Labour, equality in salaries between genders still has a long way to go as women have to work an amazing three months longer per year for the same salary as a man.

The Ministry announced the figures on its website on the occasion of Equal Pay Day on 30 March (representing the 3 month difference), showing also how when it comes to hourly rates, the difference between the two sexes works out at 20.7% in Slovakia, which slips behind the European average of just 16.4%. Nevertheless, Slovakia can still boast that it is less discriminatory than its Czech and Austrian neighbours, which both scored worse.


  1. Teachers note , Must not embarrass a Slovak , they feel it is deeply insulting to their often cheated to get, education qualification ….QED . All Slovaks believe they are smarter than everyone else on the planet and we people bringing in the real jobs and wealth to the country are all the stupid ones because we actually work and work hard . The State should look after you and pay for everything ….but as yet they dont know who is the one paying the State to pay them , by taxes .

  2. Are these figures based on all employers in the SK? Are there figures just for state employers? The reason I ask is that during my limited time in this country I have noticed that the vast majority of public non-jobs appear to occupied by women. Does the report relate any of the perks that female employees reap? It has been my unfortunate duty to attend three state organisations. In two of them I had to join endless queues waiting outside of doors marked with the single initial letter of my surname. When I eventually got into the offices I was confronted by the female workers and their children. Apparently taking your kids to work during the school holidays and looking after them instead of doing the job your paid to do is acceptable. The third institution had 26 doors, each with an initial letter including W!, thankfully there were no queues. Behind my door I found two women, one busy knitting and who showed no intention of dealing with me, the second reluctantly stopped watering her magnificent collection of house plants, turned off the radio and then advised me that the documents I had brought were not acceptable – no reason given. It was only during my third visit to the same customerless building that one of them admitted that they could not read English and that is why they were rejecting my documents. Politely enquiring, through my interpreter, why it had taken three visits for them to admit to this and why they had not attempted to obtain help from one of their many colleagues sat doing jack behind the other 25 doors, I was informed that they were embarrassed.
    I later discovered that this efficient, customer friendly team, were in fact, mother and daughter – need I say more!

  3. Well woman just work 8 til 4 and then run out the firma door …all for their 500 euro each and every month month .

    Men tend to remain in the job longer hours, push bits of paper around the desk longer , shuffle files longer, talk longer in team meetings about nothing new or useful (OMG how many of those have I actually sat through, trying to smile !! ) and tend to talk constantly in the workplace about `bonking` ( sorry I have forgot the Slovak phrase ) as all Slovak men are pure Gods and woman should be falling on their knees to worship them, with their tools poking skywards, bald shaven heads gleaming , huge conk protruding out and huge ears sticking out like a chimp .

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