Slovakia assists Moldova with EU project

A project called “National Convention for European Integration” has been started in Moldova with Slovakia’s assistance.

Cornel Ciurea, an expert from the IDIS Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives, said at the launching ceremony that the initiative is aimed to stimulate public debates and formulate recommendations for governmental organizations. The recommendations will be worked out by 3 groups of experts, who will convene 4 times for roundtable conferences to discuss ideas and proposals.

He said, the Association for External Policy (APE) will work out an action plan on questions of visas, borders and Transnistria; IDIS experts – recommendations in the sphere of agriculture and regional development, and experts from the Expert-Grup analytical center – in the field of commerce, services and competition. The work will involve also invited representatives of the Moldovan civil society from Chisinau as well as other localities.

The Project Coordinator, Moldovan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Natalia Gherman thanked the Government of Slovakia for its assistance to Moldova on its advancement towards Europe. She remarked Moldova has yet quite much to do, and Slovakia’s successful experience will be useful for the republic.

Slovakia Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikulas Dzurinda said his country supports Moldova’s striving for Europe, and will try to be useful for Moldova to a maximum-possible extent. However, he remarked, the Moldovan government needs to be active itself, and should be taking a constant and constructive part in European integration processes.

The Convention is going to have a website of its own, where the results of experts’ meetings will be regularly presented. And by September 30, 2011 the experts will have prepared recommendations for ministries and an action plan for European integration efforts.

The Project is being realized with the financial assistance of the Slovakia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has allocated 85 thousand euros for it. And the Project’s total budget is 100 thousand euros.

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