Slovakia Confident about Sadiki’s Extradition from Kosovo

The Ministry of Justice is living in hope that Albanian drug lord Baki Sadiki will be extradited from Kosovo (even when the country is not officially recognised by the Slovak Republic) to face a 22-year sentence in Slovakia.

Badi Sadiki, photo: GP SR

Justice minister, Tomas Borec, expressed his conviction yesterday that the extradition process will go ahead without hiccups, according to TASR newswire. He did not really justify his optimism, however, saying only that the official request had been lodged via EULEX, which is the EU mission for integration and development of Kosovo. It was then passed to the Kosovan authorities. Slovakia had to follow this procedure due to its refusal to recognise Kosovo’s sovereignty.

Sadiki was caught by Interpol in October after ‘slipping’ Slovak authorities and going on the run. He was on trial together with three others on charges of producing and trading narcotics, and for smuggling 120 kg of heroin from Turkey to Slovakia. The other two men were given sentences of 15 years each after pleading guilty. An appeal was made against Sadiki’s 22-year sentence.

Supreme Court chairman Stefan Harabin was entangled in a web of intrigue over alleged friendly relations with Sadiki, with a suspected telephone recording as evidence. Harabin denies any relations with Sadiki and contested the Attorney General’s admission of the recording in the case file and the production of a written transcript, and he is set to receive EUR 187,000 from the Attorney General’s Office if successful in his lawsuit, which he is usually. Sadiki’s eventual return would at least possibly give Harabin an opportunity to prove his innocence to ensure that justice is done in Sadiki’s case.

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  1. Bobby Darin had a big hit in the 1960;s with :
    Dreaming , I am always dreaming.dreaming you will be mine.
    In this case a wet dream is about all the justice ministry can expect.

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