Slovakia Elects Independent President, Andrej Kiska

Andrej Kiska has beaten Prime Minister Robert Fico in the presidential elections, making him the first truly independent president in the country’s modern-day history to be elected to office, providing hope that the country might finally be freeing itself from political groups and their hidden sponsors.

Andrej Kiska ready to restore faith to presidential office

The result shows Kiska, aged 51, gained 59.38% of the vote, with a turnout of 50.48% in line with forecasts. In his victory speech, Kiska declared that the people of Slovakia had shown that they are sick of the situation in the country and that he would return faith to the presidential office. Fico received the support of 40.61% of the voters.

Although the president has limited powers, the vote shows that the younger generation in particular have started taking their future into their own hands. Once he takes up office, Kiska will be able to veto and review laws, for instance, which could stop many questionable legislative changes being implemented that would otherwise be pushed through, as it prevents Robert Fico and his SMER-SD party from holding every key post in the country.

Despite all the dirt that Fico tried to throw at Kiska in the election campaign, Kiska’s character, past and motive shone through. Kiska set up the Dobry Anjel charity in Slovakia and also in the Czech Republic, for instance, which helps families with sick children in financial difficulties etc. Kiska not only set up the charity, but worked in the charity personally, pulling money out of his own pocket to get it off the ground.

Slovakia can therefore look forward to a brighter future, with the fate of current PM Robert Fico now in the balance. Many analysts feel that his Smer-SD party will now splinter, while Fico himself declared that he would end his political career should he lose the election. Only time will tell if he will stick to that statement.


  1. ‘Let us all hope, that this result is at last a sign that voters have finally realised that BnM and his merry men have no place in Parliament…’

    One spin being put on it (a bit far-fetched perhaps) is the opposite to this ; that some of Fico’s own supporters didn’t vote, or voted against him, because they wanted him to stay as PM.

    I do think Fico beat himself in the end, with his unpleasant personal attacks, his sinister talk of ‘co’operation’ (people got exactly what he meant by that) and his seeming ‘confusion’ about what being president is supposed to mean.

    Kiska came across to me as pretty underwhelming, but he was astute enough ; he didn’t debate beyond the limits of the presidency and didn’t try to outdo Fico for nastiness.

    In itself, it’s a good result. What it means long-term ; we’ll see.

    1. Jimbo, spoken like a football game report …well a Slowvak football match anyways …..

      Mr Kissme always reminds we of the Liverpool player Skrtel ….God made him as ugly as he could, then hit him in the face with a spade ….I just wonder how many well meaning own goals this guy will actually score during his contract ….and just how excited the TV media will get when one hits him in the face and goes in at the right end ?

      As we know ..Jesus saves, but will Kiska score from the rebound ?

  2. A well deserved result for Mr. Kiska and an equally well deserved kick in the clems for BnM. Shame the 50% who didn’t bother to vote didn’t deliver an even bigger dent to the Bandits ego. As for his purile threat to leave politics if he didn’t win – don’t hold your breath on that ever happening. The spin both he and his cohorts are putting on his thrashing beggars belief, men with more integrity would have resigned and called a general election. Instead we can bet on all sorts of fast track legislation to neuter presidential powers, all contradicting the plans he had if he had won. Let us all hope, that this result is at last a sign that voters have finally realised that BnM and his merry men have no place in Parliament, and that the opposition parties put aside their egos and singular agendas and build a coherant and united front to put an end to SMER once and for all. BnM’s on the back foot now and should not be allowed to recover, destroy him and the rest of the clowns will just fade away.

  3. Amen that Slovakia has been saved by the depths of hell. Another 5 years with tubs and kalinuts would have been too much to take.
    Kiska hopefully will rid the seedy corruption that has plagued SK for years and make changes to reverse many earlier stupid laws that are archaic.
    Maybe there is hope for SK by bye-bye-boobsy.
    Anything was better than before.
    May the offices be cleaned of this former regime and something new begin!
    (@ Georgie “S&M cross dressers, pole and lap dancers, strippers and `Ohores adoring the White House …..” — this is what makes the world go around!)

    1. Change citizenship laws from 1993 that are waaaaay out of date. (simplified naturalization like the wonderful PM Viktor Orban did in 2011 and FICO later banned dual citz)
    2. Legalize weed.
    3. Legalize same-sex marriage.
    4. Clean up corruption and bring SK financially back up to the level of the Czechs!

    1. Wooow there,, this is the president of Slovakia, not the Second coming. Besides i Know of staff in the current presidents protocol Dept who’ve spent the last to weeks slagging of Kiska better than bobby ever could, strangely their facebook page is now quiet and cleaned…. (ya gotta smile if you wana keep those paid for, jollies)…. So for Kiska, the ides of march await!

  4. Hold on , now hold on …this guy is a Slowvak …..he is just bound to fail .

    Just waiting for the first scandal, S&M cross dressers, pole and lap dancers, strippers and `Ohores adoring the White House …..

    Oh crap, that was my on my invite for Bob`s winners party not Andy`s.

  5. Finally, at last!!! the majority of the population have galvanized behind the better candidate, despite the one sided, almost insentient sleaze, and propaganda.
    i just cant wait to see the skip full of last Minuit Bills Gaspo the gimp will be signing before 15th June.
    As for BnM quitting, ( a desperate attempt to bring out the faithful ) does a leech drop off when he’s only half full !!!

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