Slovakia Fifth in Winter Olympics?

A different approach to who the real victors were in the Sochi Winter Olympics shows the Slovak Republic finish in fifth place in the table with its humble single gold medal won by Anastasia Kuzmina.

Anastasia Kuzmina

The analysis from applies a medal points, per-capita approach to the medals table, even taking country wealth into account, producing Slovenia as the outright winner followed by Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia, then Slovakia in fifth.

by Brian Quinn

Yeah, yeah, we know that Russia won that overall medal count (and the most gold medals), but is that really the best indicator of Olympic victory? We don’t think so. For starters, for almost the last twenty years either Germany or the United States has won the final medal count. Obviously there are some great winter sports athletes in both countries, but the reality is that both nations have a lot working in their favor if you’re going to judge victory on total medals.

For starters, many of the top performing countries have significantly larger populations than their peers. Is it fair to judge Russia’s success (144 million people) with the medal count of Croatia (4 million people)? Secondly, the majority of Winter Olympic sports are pricey and the reality is, poorer countries have a harder time supporting their athletes with world-class training facilities, coaches, and equipment. We take that into account. And finally, we think temperature comes into play. It’s not much of a stretch to say that the Canadians have more favorable winter sports conditions than Australia, as an example.

So the team here at ValuePenguin wanted to take a deeper dive and see if we could determine who in fact overcame the largest odds at this years Sochi Olympics, as we give you our list of the top teams at the 2014 Winter Games.


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  1. Ah come on now ..Only Number 5 , with one gold medal by an imported Russian sports girl …Slowvaks actually had none ….USA , have what the largest number of people, most sponsorship chance, good facilities etc etc ….they did not beat the Russians medal total, so the analogy is a bit off in this article ..

    Fact is Slowvakia ( unlike the Czech`s) will never compete, let alone win anything, because from birth they are a lazy , useless race of people, that waiting for someone to `help` them and even nation swap cheat to win their only Gold medal ..Other than in vomittIng, drunkeness, pulling a sickie week off and robbing the EU & Taxpayers . In Olympics sports, in Football, in Ice Hockey etc, etc, name me one true current champion who is Slowvak ?

    Not all about money, but attitude of mind !

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