Slovakia Gets Moral Victory Over Hungary

Nationalist party SNS can be happy about a small moral victory this week after the European Court of Justice ruled that Slovakia had legitimately refused entry to former Hungarian president Laszlo Solyom back in 2009.

Maria Valeria Bridge (c) Ervin Pospisil

The Hungarian president was refused entry after he had crossed the new Maria Valeria Bridge in Sturova as president to attend the unveiling of a statue of St Stefan, the first king of Hungary, and give a speech. He tried to claim that it was a private visit, but as he was speaking in public, it was deemed an official one and so he had disrespected diplomatic relations between the two countries and international rules.

This was the verdict announced by Advocate General at the court, Yves Bot, who proclaimed that Slovakia was within its rights to refuse the president entry to its soil, and that “heads of states are subject to diplomatic relations that fall under the remit of member states and, as such, they have to respect international law”.

Jan Slota’s SNS party is highly satisfied with the court’s verdict and is hoping that other European institutions will now also take action against what he calls “the arrogance of Hungarian political representatives”. Slota is calling on competent institutions to realise that Hungary is employing dangerous and expansive policies, and to do something about it.

Slovakia and Hungary have a bigger bridge to cross, though, in patching up their disrupted relations, especially in terms of the citizenship dispute between the two countries.


  1. Expat , you have no sense of history …..being American one can see why , as American history ( for all those non red Indians ) is about 200 years , where European history is 2000 plus years .

    Hungarians wanting their ethnic roots reflected in the borders of the Slovak country, once Hungarian , I can understand that , as there an equal bunch of nationalistic morons, that believe all of Slovakia is Gods own earth and all should be all Slovak and nothing else. It is all like how the Brothers in American, want their Black roots reflected in American society .

    Moving on may seem sensible to most of us , but when you have a backward and stupid group of people ( 1,150, 000 voted for Robert Fico and 120,000 for Jan Slota and SNS ) what chance do you have of moving on ….?

  2. ~~~Slota is calling on competent institutions to realise that Hungary is employing dangerous and expansive policies, and to do something about it. ~~~

    Do what ?…..what buy less Hungarian wine ?

    1. It seems almost unimaginable that even today, with boarders established and two countries with sych long history to have issues still today in regards to who owns what. Those Slovaks whom live in the south and close to the boarders need to either accept being Slovak, or move across the boarder to live in Hungary. The one thing that I cannot understand is the political groups that represent other countries right here in Slovakia. How can it be that a Hungarian Party can be present in Slovakia? This would be like having a Mexican Party runnng in the US! Come on, wake up people! If people are supporting this action they are going against their own Nationality and in my eyes are terrorists. The Hugarians have pushed and shoved the Slovaks over centuries for land that was never theirs in the first place. The Hugarian Empire, that like the Roman Empire, took what they wanted, but all fell to power in the end. I say, leave the Slovaks alone, let them build their nation after 20+ years of finaly being free from others rule. Let them finaly build their nation to be strong and a place that people can flourish in, not live a poor life of pessants. With Fico back in political power, we will see how the country moves forward past the depression and into a brighter future. The wine issue is funny as well! Tokaj is both Slovak and Hugarian…I prefer the Slovak version my self! LIfe is too short to bicker back and forth, we are more civilized than this. At least religion has not become the problem.

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