Slovakia has more ATMs than European average

Banks in Slovakia could be regarded as over-zealous when it comes to the number of cash dispensers they operate here, as a recent article in SME daily reports that Slovakia is way over the average in terms of the number of cash dispensers in Europe.

According to the article, there is one cash dispenser for every 2,330 people in Slovakia, while spokesman for Slovenska sporitelna (which leads the way with 700 dispensers) told the daily that the European average is one ATM per 22,000 inhabitants, while noting that the figures are slightly misleading as they include the likes of Russia and Ukraine.

Slovakia still lags behind the likes of Slovenia and Croatia, though, where the density of cash dispensers is almost double that in Slovakia. People in Slovakia are still getting used to making payments with their cards, with this trend rising, but most still prefer to withdraw cash from the ‘hole in the wall’.

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