Slovakia Ignored Public in Authorising Mochovce

Slovakia is being condemned for having violated the rights of its people when it built the Mochovce nuclear power plant, according to signatory countries of the Aarhus Convention.

Mochovce nuclear power plant, at the centre of many disputes

The decision, taken at a meeting in Moldava last week, follows a complaint from various NGOs, including Greenpeace, that Slovakia’s nuclear regulatory authority UJD violated the rights of the public when it refused to enable the NGOs to partake in discussions on the completion of Mochovce, meaning the construction of units three and four.

Speaking on behalf of Greenpeace, Andrea Zlatnanska told TASR newswire that they were confident that completion of the plant would be stopped, at least until the standard procedure on the issue of permission takes place.

Now Slovakia has to report to the Aarhus Committee and change its legislation to prevent such breaches in future. The Aarhus Convention was established under the auspices of the United National Economic Commission for Europe to oversee the public’s access to information and their say in environmental matters.

The announcement reaffirms an earlier decision taken in January this year by the Aarhus Convention’s highest body.

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