Slovakia Set to Have “The Chuck Norris Bridge”

The recent idea of Bratislava Region to let the people decide on a new pedestrian and cycling bridge spanning the Morava River between Austria and Slovakia has produced an unlikely outcome as Slovaks have voted for it to be named after US action film star Chuck Norris.

Initially, three names were proposed: Maria Theresa Bridge (after the former Hungarian empress), Freedom Bridge or Iron Curtain Bridge, but residents were also invited to propose other names. After Chuck Norris appeared in the running, thousands of people started voting for his name to adorn the new bridge, smashing any competition.

Potential look of new bridge - visualisation: Igor Ščipák

It is still not sure whether the bridge from Devinska Nova Ves in Slovakia to Schlosshof in Austria will be called the Chuck Norris Bridge, but regional governor Pavol Freso has already said the region would likely respect the people’s wishes. The voting will continue until April, but Chuck already has ten times more votes than his nearest rival.

Norris’ popularity has soared in Slovakia recently as his name has become symbolic of invincibility on social network gags here. Some foreigners living in Slovakia have been campaigning on Facebook to get people to vote for tough man Norris, and the curious case even caught the attention of press from all over the world. Maybe the great man himself will come to the official opening.


  1. Maria Theresa Bridge would get the nationalists seething, Iron Curtain Bridge would get the commies seething, so Freedom Bridge I reckon or what about The Bridge of Bungs.

    1. How much longer are you going to flog that poor dead horse SJ ?

  2. I reckon they would agree to Schwarznigger Bridge …

    1. ~~I reckon they would agree to Schwarznigger Bridge …~~~~

      …and every time you cross it , you say….. `I`LL BE BACK ` …..

      1. Finally a fun comment came out of you George. I can’t believe it. I’ve been waiting for this since ever.
        Hold on to it!! Don’t go back to your farting.

        1. If you keep stalking me and shiffin my backside Losgar , you risk smelling my Farts !

          1. I’m perfectly safe. The stink comes out of your mouth.

  3. The Chuck Norris Bridge. Is there a bigger issue out there? Freso has now changed his position from “we”ll go with what they voted for” to “final naming decision to be made in cooperation with Austrian officials”. Bad luck, gag fans.

    1. The Austrians ……….The Adolf Hitler bridge must me favorite then , along the Kosher Sausage bridge.

  4. Bungled again. They value Chuck Norris (rednecked republican-ultra conservative bible thumper, and an overall bad actor) over Maria Theresa.

  5. How about the naming it The Wayne Kerr Bridge ?

  6. I heard that before they started building the bridge Chuck Norris had walked on the bridge to the other side and laid foundation stone.

    I’m serious: If this name wins then for the next bridge I am going to start a campaign /on the internet/ for Bilbo Bargains. Slovakia will be a real fairyland then.

    Maria Theresia was a Habsburg – Austrian, crowned in Bratislava, during her reign Bratislava reached it’s glory. I think naming the bridge after her would be fair.

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  8. Bruce Lee kicked his ass…..

    1. You and your coffee ….

      1. Mmmmmm…. coffee…..

  9. Very dangerous, because no one has ever crossed Chuck Norris and lived!

    1. He is a TV actor ?????

  10. George old boy.I think you are being rather pompous placing yourself in the “more educated among us” category. A psychological analysis of your contributions to this site places you at the lower end of the spectrum, a person educated far beyond their level of intelligence,who has seen and done nothing of note and has to resort to downright rudeness to attract attention. Exploitation of your marginally superior English language skills over non native speakers is not particularly clever, especially when you operate behind a mask of anonymity.

    1. Alec old chap , you really are becoming a legend in your own lunchtime. Do I really sound like I want to be a people person? It is good however , to see you’ve set aside some time today to publicly humiliate yourself as I do get the feeling that if I throw a stick will you will always chase it ?

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    2. Alec, I don’t know why you need to respond to his rubbish. If we all left him with his inferiority complex and ignored his silly remarks, I bet he would give it up, get up from his bed and finally find himself a job.

      1. Marian, what happened to you ? Where you like most male Slovaks when you were born and they left the best part of you in the bucket ?

        Of Course Alec has to respond , he is Mr Superior Smug …. smarter, fast , more well read, with a quicker wit and more Christian & politically correct than all the rest of us …and loves to tell us all what we all should do . Lots of Red Neck Americans are like that , no ?

  11. it would be good to have that link to the website….i still can believe it….

  12. Is it any wonder the more educated among us believe most Slovaks are bunch of dicks .

  13. This is a good idea to bring more tourists

  14. No way in a month of Communist era bureaucrats will this be allowed.

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