Slovakia loses 32 over Citizenship Act

Thanks to the Citizenship Act introduced by the former government in reaction to a Hungarian law on dual citizenship, a total of 32 people have lost their Slovak citizenship by requesting it somewhere else, reports SME.

Ironically,  only one of them was for requesting dual citizenship with Hungary, which caused the issue in the first place. Requests for German citizenship were the main cause, with 12 requests made, followed by requests in Austria, which saw 10 people lose their Slovak citizenship. Five concerned citizenship in the Czech Republic, two in the UK and 1 each in Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary.

The act is still in force, because of the failed efforts of the government to change it last week, and no quick solution seems on the horizon. The government is proposing, however, that those who lose their citizenship under the law would be entitled to regain it, but the law now has to be revised because of disputes within the coalition.

Citizenship is not lost if another is gained through marriage or birth. Failure to report dual citizenship to the authorities could mean a fine of EUR 3319.

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