Slovakia Needs to Improve its Branding

Yesterday, foreign affairs minister Miroslav Lajcak met with the ministry’s marketing and branding experts to present to journalists how they plan to improve the image of the Slovak Republic.

Foreign minister Miroslav Lajčák

At the press conference, Lajcak noted how: “Only a well-known and positively perceived country can inspire the trust of foreign investors or attract a greater number of tourists. Similarly, it is far easier for our businessmen and entrepreneurs to win recognition on foreign markets if their brand is supported by a country´s strong branding – if it is clear where they come from and what they represent.”

They also presented steps that have already been made towards the new branding of the country.


  1. SVK politicians expounding on what the SVK must represent to potential businesses, customers and tourists – it would be funny if they weren’t so serious. Hasn’t Lazysack’s ministerial mate just used his “special powers” to get a “friend” out of a jail term for corruption? The PM has convenient amnesia when it comes to dodgy deals made under his watch. Kalnackers just lies every time he opens his mouth. The Agro Min employs country bumpkins in key posts. The police only get of their backsides if there is the off chance of Roma beating. Time some of these clowns started reading the world press where it’s writ large what the problems with SVK are – and no amount of talking is ever going change attitudes and perceptions.

  2. Not electing Fagin for president! (sorry: Fico) would be a good start!!

  3. BTW on another note …anyone who is Slowvak wanna talk about Ice Hockey …Perhaps you should re Brand the team and get the second string Russian players to play on your side ….? And then claim, `victory` as your own ??

    1. That would mean citizenship hell for our russkies.
      Time to change citizenship laws and bring in foreigners.

  4. Maburk, you stole my line … real surprise there, as Slowvaks will tea leaf anything .

    Gosh can you imagine ` MADE IN SlowvaKIA ` as a trade mark brand…? The EU Punters would just run a mile from those home made products .

  5. You can put lipstick on a pig……….

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