Slovakia Not Keen on New EU Sanctions Against Russia

The latest wave of economic sanctions being readied by the EU against Russia are making many Slovak companies shake, with Prime Minister Robert Fico ready to stand against some of them if necessary.

PM Robert Fico (c) Martin Domok -

Many Slovak companies have already felt the brunt of earlier sanctions against Russia for its part in the Ukraine conflict, with some companies dependent on Russian orders going bust as Russia retaliated with EU food import bans in August, for instance.

PM Fico announced at a meeting of EU leaders at the weekend that he may exercise Slovakia’s right to reject some of the planned sanctions, with similar sentiment being expressed by his counterparts from the Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary, as all the countries attempt to prevent further impacts on their economies. The Slovak government should receive a full list of commodities and businesses affected by the sanctions from the EU today, before deciding how to proceed.

Earlier sanctions are already affecting the whole of the EU, with some countries less affected than others, but as the volatile conflict in Ukraine continues, the new ‘chilled’ war between the EU and Russia may last longer than first thought.

The two largest employers associations in Slovakia AZZZ and RUZ are both against further sanctions and warn of the economic and social consequences, with the trade union organisation KOZ also backing the government in standing against any sanctions that could strongly impact the country. Slovakia is in a corner, though, as it is far more dependent on exports to countries like Germany, so any opposition to what Chancellor Merkel called ‘essential sanctions’ may not be so well digested by Slovakia’s EU partners.


  1. I realy can not understant how in one EU country economic can be most importand then human lives ? The best off all Slovakia lives 40 years on iron boots , like in prison. I travel all SSSR because my job and its was very misery life , i can not spend my money , on what ? Today all looks much better , Slovakia is nice EU country . Before few years Russia cut two parts in Grusia , now attack Ukraine territory , make problems all others EU neighbors , Putin dream is destroy EU …
    I am from Holand and thanks to NATO , trade with USA we lives 70 year in peace with very good live standard . I summer last 3 years in Dubrovnik , Croatia and Croats are against Putin policy , they have same situation with Serbia . In Croatia only serbian minority is for Putin, but Serbia is against EU , West . In Holand we are for max harder sanctions . Today threat with nuclear weapons can only N. Korea lider and Putin. And last , tv and media news in Russia are something catastrofy , we dont know who can watch and believe in this . Big hello Slovakia and be friend Ukraine , its not easy to have Russia like neighbors . Do not forgat your history , just think how will you respond if some one attack Slovakia , take part of country and we in Holand say ” we are not for santcions ” .

  2. BnM’s latest Putin bum licking comments regarding the possible Ukrainian membership of NATO just shows what a cretin the man is:
    “If the USA says Ukraine will be in NATO, then it will” – suggest he reads treaties before he signs them in the future and stops talking crap. Ukraine would be allowed in NATO if it is the will of the Ukrainian people to do so and IF Ukraine meets the requirements of membership and IF the majority of existing members agree on the principle of one ally one vote with no vetos.
    “Ukraine should remain neutral” – Err…. the Ukraine tried staying unaligned and then found Russian boots annexing the Crimea and openly violating its sovereign territory, Russia directly supporting an armed insurrection and Russia involved in the terrorist attack on a civil airliner in Ukrainian airspace.
    He should also get up to speed on what other European countries are doing – Sweden, a neutral nation for over a hundred years, has allowed NATO forces on it’s territory and will probable become a full member soon. Finland has agreed to NATO forces on it’s soil and their PM is pushing for full membership. Even the Swiss are reconsidering their position. Meanwhile Georgia, another country that has suffered at the hands of Putin, is working toward full NATO membership.
    The PM’s sniping from the sidelines is becoming annoying.” I don’t agree with EU sanctions, I don’t think NATO should expand. ” Why he doesn’t put his cards on the table, use the democracy he twists to his own advantage and hold a national referendum? If the majority of the people agree with his opinion – leave the EU and NATO and go join his Soviet mates. The EU taxpayer will be billions in pocket and NATO will not miss a hand full of troops, 10 scrap tanks and a couple obsolete Migs.

    1. `a couple obsolete Migs.` ???? What the ……………..???

      The pride and joy of all Slowvaks are those antique pieces of flying furniture. They have flown as escort to Presidents Plane in Slowvak airspace don`t you know ???

      On that sarcastic note, I am just about to finish packing my own furniture along with the 911 and the Bentley, to live in Southern Italy . Have fun guys, the last one to leave this toilet, please switch off the lights .

      1. Oh Georgie! What will we do without the sarcasm that keeps our last bits of sanity in the mystery of the place no one can find on a map called Slowvakia?

      2. Ah……..Southern Italy……..Nice one George! Please enjoy.
        We’ve been tempted by Croatia but the annual influx of Slowvaks is a bit of a downer!

      3. Yep? then ‘addio amico’!! and good luck.

      4. You’re leaving? That is the best news I’ve read all month! I expect’s reader numbers may even skyrocket! Wonderful news! The drinks are on me, everyone!

    2. It appears BnM has taken the hint and has declared that he will call a National referendum on the creation of NATO bases in Slovakia and has threatened to leave politics if ” foreign troops were ever stationed here” Good news indeed – does he need any help packing?
      The Poprad petition against the suggested logistics base appears to be headed by Frantisek Bednar who seems to be quite a likeable, honest guy who is standing for election as mayor. However, is argument that the base would make Poprad a potential target in any future conflict whilst reasonable is a tad flawed. The base is already there, used by the Slovak military, and while it currently is only used to store junk, it’s still a legitimate target. He does unfortunately not understand that Poprad’s location on the principle east-west motorway and rail line, the rail/road links up into Poland and the airport would all make the city a target of choice in any case. Given Slovakia’s refusal to allow anti-missile systems and air defence forces to be deployed within the country, Poprad, along with every other city in the country, is a soft target. Maybe he should be campaigning for the base, all the investment and employment it will create and insist that it is effectively defended.

  3. Not surprisingly only the Russian press have picked up on Bobby’s little tantrum. Slovakia exports less to Russia than it does to France, very little of what is exported from here is included in the present EU sanctions list. The principle damage to Slovak exports appears to be a result of Putin’s ban on EU food imports. He may baffle the sheep here but all this posturing and Putin bum licking is making both him and the Nation look like a bunch of numbties abroad. As for firms going bust – like who? Are not AZZZ and RUZ two other archaic, commy led, dinosaurs from the “good old days”?
    BnM needs to read some of the economic forecasts produced by home grown analysts – by 2017 the Russian export market will have shrunk to less than 1% whilst exports to other EU countries are forecast to boom. Keeping in Bully Boy Putin’s good books may be part of his agenda but he need to wake up and realise that the nation has far more to gain from the West than the Russians will ever offer.

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