Slovakia Not Ripe for Same-Sex Partnerships

An attempt to legalise same-sex registered partnerships motioned by the Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS) flopped in parliament today as expected, preceded by a ridiculously long and defamatory debate among the various parties.

Romana Schlesinger at the forefront of gay rights in Slovakia (c) The Daily.SK

The outcome was preordained, so much so that even some of the SaS party promoting the bill did not even show up to vote, meaning the bill received the support of just 14 votes of support in a 150-MP parliament. Lucia Nicholson MP from the SaS party expressed how she felt Slovak society was now ready to deal with the topical issue of registered partnerships, but that it was maybe not so ripe to deal with issues like adoption. She referred to the preceding parliamentary debate as more akin to an inquisition trial.

People in same-sex partnerships will thus remain informal partners, without the same legal protection and rights as that afforded to other couples. The SaS party intends to keep resubmitting its proposals to have same-sex partnerships registered, but the issue might need a bigger dose of maturity, both in society and in parliament.


  1. Democracy Slovak style? I read that Lajcak is delaying the new anti-discrimiation bill which will include a section on GLBT as well as outlawing those other popular pastimes of sexual, racial and religious discrimination.
    Why? Because he has received some nasty E-Mails from vociferous, biggots.
    So bringing SVK in line with the rest of the civilised world, abiding by the rules of the EU and introducing legislation to curb the narrow minded elements of the population gets put on indefinate hold. Spineless comes to mind but then again these blinkered people are probably the same dimwits who voted Bobby and Bandits into power and not upsetting them before the Presidential ballot is seen as more benificial than dragging this country out of the dark ages.

    1. Simply pathetic. Many countries don’t even think twice about same sex relationships or gay marriage and yet Slovakia gets nervous about anything that doesn’t fit their “stereotypical” SR man/woman. I would hate to be a gay-Hungarian-roma in SR … what would happen to that combo? Simply archaic laws and ways of thinking do not advance a country.

    2. Dave mate , Slowvaks have a problem opposite sex relationships , let alone same sex …..dont ever pop in to watch Farma !

  2. The chances of this bill ever getting through parliament were zero from day one. In a society where discrimination is the norm and too many politicians need the tacit nod from the RC church before voting on anything, Mrs Nicholson and her more astute colleagues were on a loser from the start.

  3. 2012 and we are still acting like it is the dark ages.
    Same sex couples must be recognized and as a tax payer, good citizen, how am I entitled to have a straight relationship when I know equal tax paying GLBT people don’t get the same treatment? Blatant discrimination.
    Let people live how they wish and don’t we have bigger issues in Slovakia like unemployment, health care,
    public safety? We are all tax payers and human beings. Get with it Slovakia as you
    have more to gain than lose in allowing same sex relationships.

    1. the justification for having lower tax for couples is so there’s more money for children.That said its none of the government business interfering. A citizen is a citizen and has the same rights as another.

  4. Human rights for everyone? What else “human rights” they want? Men getting pregrant? We have here 10 % Hungarian minority, lot of unemployed people, increasing national dept, but goverment have to solute people who have actually everything neccessary for live their live in peace.

  5. Perhaps it would be better if we did not ( Government that is ) support `couples rights` at all, pension, child benefit etc , man & woman, man & man, woman & woman and Loghead and his goat ???

    Going a bit Mitt Rom , but should people not just standup for themselves, stop looking for the benefit handouts and stop bleeding the state ???

  6. After the other thread topic where `Slovakia` were somehow held up as an example of democratic model , one has to wonder how LOW some have actually set the bar for those in living in Afganistan ?

  7. It’s ridiculous how backward Slovakia is on issues like this

    1. Exactly. It is 2012 after all, if America is doing it….not that I like America.

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