Slovakia Possibly with First E-Coli Victim

News is just in on the first suspected case of the dreaded e-coli in Slovakia, as a 25-yr old man was diagnosed as possibly being infected with the bacteria after being admitted to the Louis Pasteur Hospital in Kosice last night.


photo: Cmenesesoliveira

The man is in a serious condition and has been moved for specialised treatment to the J.A. Reiman Hospital in Presov, where doctors are still carrying out tests to determine whether it is the suspected Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O104:H4 strain or not.

It was only a matter of time before Slovakia got its first case as the surrounding countries, including Czech R. and Poland, have already joined the growing list of 12 countries around the world registering over 2,700 cases of this fast-spreading e-coli bacteria.

Some 27 people have died already from the outbreak, with all cases pointing back to Hamburg in Germany. The latest suspicion is that the bacteria comes from bean-sprouts, but even German health minister Daniel Bahr admits that the real source might never be known.

Bahr also said more cases could be expected, as well as more deaths. Germany’s disease control body, the Robert Koch Institute disclosed another 318 cases yesterday.

The Slovak man has reportedly never been to Germany, though, but with food and people as carrying media, the epidemic knows no borders.

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  1. We’re all gonna DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wondered what happened to Flapper & Fungus ? It’s a bit early to be potato harvesting out there in the fields .

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