Slovakia Ready for Talks on Loan for Geeece

The Slovak delegation for EU talks on another bail-out loan for Greece have been given their instructions and should receive a mandate on Friday to put forward Slovakia’s position at the talks.


Democracy outside parliament (c) The

They will be putting on pressure for stricter conditions regarding any future loan to Greece, in line with the coalition agreement from the beginning of this week. Finance minister Ivan Miklos admits that Slovakia has to be more flexible and not enter discussions with its hands tied from the beginning, but that also other countries support the conditions, such as Germany.

Slovakia has five main conditions that Greece would have to fulfill before a green light is given to the assistance, namely: private sector involvement in the recovery plan; austerity measures endorsed by the whole political spectrum; the use of collateral; privatisation of public companies; and that the International Monetary Fund oversee the recovery plan.

Yesterday head of the SaS party Richard Sulik said this form of regulated bankruptcy is the only way to deal with the crisis in Greece, which has the worst rating in the world at present. Sulik feels that providing more money to Greece would be like throwing it out of the window.


  1. Excellent points Paul . I carry one credit card and one debt card …I find in life, it is now very difficult to operate without this card minimum . Hiring cars , booking hotels via the web or using the card facility debit amount as holding security, is now impossible without a credit card . Banks and governments love this and just control how you spend your money and even charge you to do this !!!

    I learned many years ago to carry pocket cash. You get a better deal on most purchase items, and I dont want my personal spending habits to be followed by some nosy government agency, or some spying marketing firm .However in the last 10 years , ( since 9/11 ) paying for anything in Cash, say over 1000 euro in the UK , some people start to think you are a drugs dealer, or a terrorist . The government even encourages this thought process by restrictive laws, making the seller, or service company even account to them, for many types of large purchases in wonga , even paying by cash is not illegal ..Try buying a 15k car in cash !

    Try also opening a bank account in the UK , without a UK job, without a perm address in the UK , without a utility bill ( even you have a UK Passport and Driving License and other ID ). Try putting more the 5000 euro on the bank account as a person in Cash, with out having to be interrogated by some nosy bank cashier, as to why it is in cash ???

  2. So all member states become the bankers for other states.
    Banks banks banks.
    Do we need banks?
    What do banks do, actually nothing, do the produce anything physical, no.
    The produce debt and profit.
    Debt for the average person in the street and profit for the top dogs.
    The Top dogs get rich, even in crisis.
    They cause the crash by bleeding the system dry and siphoning of the cream, the banks crash, governments bail them out, then increase taxes to cover the cost.
    The banks start to recover thanks to the bailout from the governments paid for by increased taxes, the banks Top Dogs , look for the praise for the recovery paid for by the people through the government bailouts, and they pay them selves bonuses for the recovery. And why do people accept this.
    A very simple example:
    Ok, paul, you have 5000€ saved in this bank, if the bank crashes you loose your saving, So, Paul says; Ok bail them out. The Gov does this and then a year later, the Gov raise taxes because of the bailouts etc, they put some spin on it to justify it, just like they did when they told Paul he would loose his hard earned 5k in savings if the bank crashes and Paul pays an extra 500€ per year in taxes, based on his income, his taxes never drop, and in ten years he pays 10K to save his 5K.
    So effectively Paul has done all the work to save the bank, to save his 5k, its cost him another 5k on top of his 5k, and the Bank bosses take the credit and the cash in the form of bonuses.
    I wonder what would happen, like in England when people rebelled en-mass against poll tax.
    What if, people from 18 to 88 refused to pay interest on loans etc, or in fact just refused to pay back loans entirely. Would the bank reprocess every house, take legal action on everyone in default? The banks claim the have to pay top dollar to get the most experienced people, B.S these people are most experienced at bleeding the system.
    So let the people rise against the banks, but we wont because we like the convince of ATM’s credit cards and the security of not carrying cash for rear of being mugged. We are lazy and the Banks love it and capitalise on it.
    We are being mugged everyday but we accept it, because its convenient and we love the big house and the big car.
    We love the money they loan us ,that we pay interest on and then allow the gov to bail the Banks out after the Bosses have sucked the bank dry dry, we then pay the increased taxes to facilitate the bailout. And what do we do then, we make the same mistakes again, because we want the BMW, the Holiday, the House the security of ATM’S etc to avoid being mugged, where in fact we are allowing our selves to be financially raped and pillaged by the politicians and Bankers.. And so the whole things just rolls over and continues etc etc etc bla bla bla and Joe public cries salty tears and still does the same, while Ritchie Rich does what he does best, GETS RICH.

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