Slovakia Reinforces Border Checks While Hungary Shuts Border

Syrian refugees strike in front of Budapest Keleti railway station, 3 September 2015, photo by Mstyslav Chernov

As the flood of refugees into Europe shows no signs of stopping, with an estimated 500,000 already arrived, governments in Central Europe are taking matters into their own hands by closing down their borders as best they can, in an effort to slow the flow.

While Hungary completes its 180-km long barbed-wire fence along its border with Serbia and outlaws any unauthorised entry to the country, thousands of refugees now find themselves caught in a kind of no-man’s land, unable to get into Hungary and not entitled to remain in Serbia, which does not grant asylum. Had the refugees made it by midnight, before a new Hungarian law was fast-tracked, they could have gotten through.

As it is, the number of refugees at the border continues to rise as Serbia fails to prevent them from entering its own territory. Hungary’s steps have been condemned by its EU partners and Amnesty International, while the EU itself is still uncertain about how to handle the biggest flow of people on the move in Europe since World War II.

In Slovakia, the border with Hungary and Austria is now subject to border checks with something like an additional 220 police officers assigned to the frontier. The checks do not translate as official border checks, as this would require Brussels’ endorsement.  Instead, the officers will patrol the natural border created by the River Danube to monitor any unauthorised entry. At road border points with Hungary and Austria, the police are stopping any suspicious looking vehicles that could be harboring refugees, such as vans and trucks, so traffic is not being held up.

Prime Minister Robert Fico also declared that any migrant entering Slovakia illegally will be arrested and detained and most likely sent back to the country they entered from. With Hungary now fencing up its border, the refugees are heading east to Romania or west to Croatia to continue their journey onwards to a new home in more welcoming countries like Germany.


  1. No refugees want to come to Slovakia. It’s either Germany or Sweden/Denmark.
    They bypass SK and couldn’t find it if they tried. Who are you kidding?

    1. Well said, Matteo in response to our American of Slovak decent – nows there is a mix and explains the cherry picking of facts in his comment.
      A national of a country that ignores its history decended from immigrants from a country with the same traits attempting to jusify Slovakia’s stance on the humanitarian crisis on Europes borders by expounding selective examples from ancient history.
      Look back a little further my friend and you will find that the Slovaks moved here from somewhere the far side of the Urals in about the 4th Century, displacing the indiginous peoples and if you check some of the empirical research into Slovak origins you will find that you are more closely related to those who you would not allow into Europe than most if the indiginous peoples of the European nations. Where do we draw a line in the history books or geneological records to decide who is worthy or belongs in Europe?

  2. Slovaks know what’s BEST for SLOVAKIA. As such, as an American of Slovak ancestry myself, I can only articulate opinion on the subject.

    Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of uneducated, unskilled, illiterate young men with no female companionship are rampaging across Europe from countries where it’s legal to marry 6-year old girls purchased with goats, and vigilantism backed by religious hearsay is an accepted form of justice.

    These are cultures where women are expected to dress and behave as they did in the 15th century, and “justice” is dispensed by an appointed “supreme leader” by way of beheadings, stoning, and whipping.

    Denmark is a “small country” (like Slovakia), and “refugees” by the thousands now publicly march through streets demanding “secular faith-based politics” replace Danish law. In Sweden, violent crime has increased 300% and rapes 1472%. Throughout Europe, there is arson, assault, riots, mayhem EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Between 1541 and 1699, much of Southeastern Europe, Including portions of Rumania, Slovakia, Russia and Hungary were occupied by the Ottoman Turks. “Secular” atrocities seen now from where these “refugees” originate, like beheadings, massacres, crucifixions, open air sex slave markets, and widespread rape of children were endured by Slavs for 150 years. 1699 was only 6 generations ago, and family histories can still recall their ancestral “encounters”.

    Throughout history, Slovaks have been invaded, conquered, enslaved, annexed, and “integrated” into unwanted political affiliations. After only recently realizing sovereignty, foreigners now demand their “cultural annihilation”? Will Slovakia EVER get the chance just to be Slovak?

    Slovakia is world renowned for “velvet revolutions”. Its politicians and people now coherently challenge an autocratic EU. “Multiculturalism” ONLY works as long as the indigenous culture survives and prospers. Recent forced “migration” events are NOT at the behest or benefit of the indigenous majority, but a contrived campaign of outside political elites.

    1. Great comments Janko B 100 pct agree .

  3. Nice one BnM, just shows how clueless you are. People fleeing persecution and death face detention in Slovakia even though few if any have any desire to ever settle in this backward backwater. Meanwhile home grown real criminals either walk from the courts or don’t even face investigation by the Keystone Cops.

    1. The days are not away where you will be forced to introduce SHARIA laws. Not A SINGLE MUSLIM COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHERE OTHER EGREGIOUS OWN COUNTRY MEN ARE NOT PERSECUTED. \\

      After 500 years with the Muslim population growth you lackeys will be forced to convert to ISLAM.

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