Slovakia Second Only to Mexico in Corruption Index

The World Economic Forum recently released its annual corruption index as part of its Global Competitiveness Report, which assesses the economic landscape of countries worldwide. The survey interviewed almost 15,000 business leaders from 141 economies from February to June.


Anti-corruption protests in Bratislava 2014

Business Insider looked at the results from the perspective of OECD countries, which didn’t shine a good light on Slovakia, coming off second worst after only Mexico in terms of corruption perception.

The corruption index ranked countries based on survey responses to three questions:

1. In your country, how common is illegal diversion of public funds to companies, individuals, or groups?

2. In your country, how do you rate the ethical standards of politicians?

3. In your country, how common is it for firms to make undocumented extra payments or bribes?

Among the countries of the OECD with more advanced economies, Slovakia’s placement in the corruption index shows once again how little progress has been made in reducing the ingrained corruption in the country. Protests are a regular occurrence at least now, but without full public pressure and action from the authorities, little changes.

11 Most Corrupt Countries in Developed World

1. Mexico

2. Slovakia

3. Italy

4. Hungary

5. Greece

6. Czech Republic

7. Spain

8. Latvia

9. Rep. of South Korea

10. Poland

11. Slovenia

The WEF report on Slovakia’s competitiveness can be viewed here.



  1. One only has to read “Clinto Cash” to know that the USA only has a more refined PR campaign that keeps them from leading this list. One has to remember that this poll is a ranking of business leaders as to their perception of corruption in their respective countries. I do not know how things really are in Slovakia but here in the States if you are the beneficiary of corruption why are you going to complain about how corrupt things really are? But, if we are to improve we need to always hold the feet of our political leaders and governments to the fire.

    1. Correct.

      So called lobbyists that bring cash in bag loads to the White House, Is corruption by large corporations.

      They expect something in return for all that cash.

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