Slovakia Sent Aid in Aftermath of Kiev Protests

Slovakia sent around two tons of aid to Ukraine by way of Slovak ambassador to Ukraine, Juraj Sivacek, who handed over the materials to head of the Ukrainian Red Cross, Ivan Usichenko, to help those affected by the recent protest riots on the streets of Kiev.

photo: MilbourneOne

The EUR 12,000 worth of aid comes from the reserves of the Ministry of Interior and consists of things like stretchers, splints for compound fractures, medical blankets, respirators and so on.

Slovakia also offered Ukraine the option to use therapeutic and rehabilitation stays for the 20 anti-government demonstrators who were injured in the recent protests, which led to the overthrow of President Yanukovich, followed by the build up of military presence and threat of invasion from Russia in Crimea, East Ukraine.


  1. Just love the Slowvak mind ….all one directional, with little innovation .

    Today I read ….MUSICIANS, actors and activists showed their MUSICIANS, actors and activists showed their solidarity to Ukraine at a concert that took place on March 7 at Bratislava’s Main Square. at a concert that took place on March 7 at Bratislava’s Main Square.

    Millions of Trees blow down in Tatry, by megga wind, Lets have a Concert .

    Flooding, people made homeless in Eastern Slovakia, Lets have Concert.

    People Blown up, by some daft Army disposal sapper, Lets have a Concert .

    Big Wave hits Asian cost lines , Lets have a Concert .

    Solidarity to Ukraine …Lets have a Concert …

    Even as a footballer on Hackney Marshes, at least I was always trying to creative.

  2. Great here we go again, a pending human disaster and SLowvakia is just sending the bottles of Domestos.

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