Slovakia To Apologise to Hedviga Malinova

Slovakia has agreed before the European Court of Human Rights to extend an official apology to Hedviga Malinova-Žákova in return for her recalling her lawsuit in Strasbourg and the waiver of any right to financial compensation.

Malinova is suing the Slovak Republic over errors in the investigation into an alleged ethnically-motivated attack on her back in 2006, which prevented her from having a fair process. Her lawyer says he will be happy once the charges of false testimony against Malinova are also dropped.

The charges against Malinova were backed by former interior minister from the Smer-SD party, Robert Kalinak, who rejects the latest development saying it is absurd to apologise to someone whose lies caused big problems for Slovakia. He backed the police’s claim at the time that Malinova had made the attack up.


  1. Oh dear , yet another nutter and his Hungarian invader ‘ we want Slovakia back ‘ theory . Well the fact is, huge areas of south Slovakia , is a Hungarian majority, was stolen from Hungary after the War and as a modern society in 2011 should have some independence from these bigoted, bias Slovak nationalistic people and government , say a kind of Council, on the lines as Wales and Scotland in the UK or Kosovo . The only people that want a difference in this view are the Slovak policans , SNS , Smer, SMK , even nationalistic Hungary’s Jobbik …who know there are dumb people out there who will vote for them if they pretend there is some phoney war going on between Huns & SVK’s . Most normal people I have met agree with me …

  2. no one can be sure that the whole act was an “accident” , it could a on purposs made action .. at that time we had tension with the hungarians, and what prevented them to do this kind of action?

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