Slovakia Used for Transit of WMD Chemicals to Iran

The Standard news in the UK reports how Slovakia was used as the transit country to ship chemicals that could have then been used in Iran to make nuclear weapons.

photo by Joe Sullivan

This week the Old Bailey acquitted a 43-year old man charged with illegal shipment of cobalt aluminate through Slovakia to its final destination. The man was being charged of defying warnings that the shipment could be diverted and used to produce weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but walked free on a lack of evidence.

According to evidence submitted in the case, chemicals had been stored at a warehouse in Slovakia, but the man claims to have been unaware of any wrongdoing. According to an agreement between the acquitted man and Iranian engineering company Mavadkarin from 2008, the potent chemicals were supposed to be used for casting purposes in the production of turbine blades.
The man eventually used a Slovak agent after being refused authorisation twice for direct shipment to Iran due to the concerns of misuse for WMD.


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  2. EU & International Treaties and agreements between peoples are always interpreted as the host country wishes …Just look at Greece ? The host country then spend millions in spin doctors, lawyers and official PR spokesmen to try fool the rest of us and suit themselves by cherry pickin the rules etc .

    Slovakia would be a fourth world country if it was not for the rest of EU taxpayer , perhaps it is time we made an example and banned them or expelled them from the EU for not following the Directives and Rules as they must …

    Is there any political will for this ??

    1. I’ll tell you what Sarkozy told Cameron when he got too nosy:
      “You have lost a good opportunity to shut up.”

      1. The relevance of your comment with regard to the topic eludes me, unless you are attempting to suggest that what has transpired is not the business of foreigners. If so, you have demonstrated just how far out of alignment your moral compass is. Whilst many Sks believe they have the right to quite happily ignore state laws, this matter will have repercussions in the real world. The fact that some Sk has made a few bob, probably assisted by the authorities, and broken UN and EU sanctions will be above the average citizen’s comprehension and accepted as normal Sk business practice, however, foreigners may take a different view. I wouldn’t worry about the comments posted on this site, I suggest you and your fellow countrymen be more concerned about the contents of memos flying around the intelligence agencies and government departments in foreign lands.

        1. Frankly I find your comments very boring. Please, time to time, try to write something interesting or funny. And please pay more attention to other contributors. If you don’t know which one start with your countrymen.

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  3. It would appear that no one has read the rules of membership of the EU. The UN sanctions imposed and adopted by the EU in 2006 ban the trade, supply or movement of materials that “could be used” in the production of nuclear materials or weapons. So why has Slovakia allowed this to happen?
    EU laws, directives etc are just ignored in this country yet the EU still subsidizes every man, woman and child to the tune of EURO 500,00 a year.
    You join a club – you abide by the rules not just carry on doing what you like and making a buck or two in the process.
    Did UK intelligence pass on their concerns to Sk security services?
    Which bright spark issued the export licences?
    The Iran paranoia aside, we appear to have country that will not or can not abide by the treaties and agreements it has made.

  4. refused authorisation twice for direct shipment to Iran due to the concerns of misuse ………hello alarm bells Mr Exporter .

    Trust a Slovak Agent to have no problem exporting a WMD making powder to Iran. Does anyone actually believe that Slovak truck driver a few months back, actually knew nothing about the drug making chemicals he was carrying ?

  5. He walked free because he had done nothing wrong, the lack of evidence supports that fact, rather than any crime …is the world not just a bit Iran paranoid?

    Still better to have a world in fear, so the New World Order can keep control of the Banks, the Armed forces and Government to control us all to act like sheep .

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