Slovakia Welcomes European Heads of State to Summit

Today, Slovakia hosts the largest congregation of foreign dignitaries since becoming independent, as 19 heads of state and envoys descended on Bratislava for the two-day Slovakia Summit 2013 on Central European affairs.

Bratislava Castle (c) The Daily.SK

The presidents were joined today also by head of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, for the 18th conference of its kind, which this time carries the motto “Growth strategy for post-crisis renewal”. The official programme begins this evening with a gala dinner and concert at the Reduta concert hall, guarded by a high level of security that will even scan the dinners being served to the important guests.

The main objective of the summit, as its name suggests, is to tackle the problem of economic renewal in Europe, but with a fairly open agenda and a whole array of bilateral meetings lined up to promote mutual co-operation. Even though Slovakia does not recognise the state of Kosovo, its president Atifete Jahjaga will also be attending the summit, but without a show of the Kosovan flag and symbols for reasons of diplomatic relations.

The summit will be attended by:

Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič (host)
Austrian President J. E. Heinz Fischer
Romanian President J. E. Traian Băsescu
Montenegro President Filip J. E. Vujanović
Estonian President J. E. Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Macedonian President J. E. Gjorge Ivanov
Latvian President J. E. Dalia Grybauskaite
President of the European Council J. E. Herman Van Rompuy
Croatian President J. E. Ivo Josipović
Ukrainian President J. E. Viktor Janukovyč
Polish President J. E. Bronisław Komorowski
Lithuanian President J. E. Andris Berzinš
Bulgarian President J. E. Rosen Plevneliev
Moldavian President J. E. Nicolae Timofti
Hungarian President J. E. János Áder
Serbian President J. E. Tomislav Nikolić
Albanian President J. E. Bujar Nishani
Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina J. E.  Nebojša Radmanović
Slovenian President J. E. Borut Pahor
Czech President J. E. Miloš Zeman
Kosovo, Mr. Atifete Jahjaga


  1. We should be hoping he will not infect other presidents by his famous “virus disease”. As I’ve seen it in the newspaper today, he has stated Hitler did not drink and lost the war whereas Churchill used to and won. It must be great to have such president.

  2. Can’t wait to hear Gasparovic speaking mistakenly. Only makes disgrace.

  3. Other than Austria, a bunch of presidents from crony capitalist countries that threw the chains of communism/socialism from their bodies only to be wrapped and defrauded by the supposed gains of capitalism.
    There should only be one agenda item with this group of nations:
    otherwise they will never be able to hold a candle to Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands or their real competition, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China

  4. Shall we see if the drunkard Zeman of the Czech Republic can maintain a perpendicular relationship to the ground.

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