Slovakia with Lowest Room Occupancy Rate in EU

A Eurostat survey from last year has produced some disappointing results for Slovakia, as it shows the country with the lowest accommodation occupancy rate in the European Union.

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As many as two thirds of the 90,000 or so hotel and guesthouse beds lay empty most of the time, according to an article in today’s SME daily.

The survey therefore attributes an occupancy rate of just 30% or so, while the European average is in the range of 50%, according to data compiled as of September 2013.

The daily cites experts as saying the low rate in Slovakia is also due to a boom in construction of facilities after 2006 after EU funding started flooding the country.


  1. Quite true George. It’s amazing what deals you can get for cashy money. We got a wonderful, self-contained apartment in LM last summer for a fraction of the advertised price because we paid in cash and didn’t want a reciept. Then again we booked into a SVK five beehive or whatever dosshouse in Kosice for a wedding – didn’t stay, ended up in the Hilton which wasn’t much better and got charged an arm and a leg. No visitors – not suprised!

  2. In the words of life …bulLsxxt …..ask any private hotelier if they are full and they will say no, and they are having a really terrible time ….but they will be full .The asked for by most, Cash payment for rooms goes in their pocket, rather than to be considered by the taxman ….this has gone on for years and years and years.

    Last year the Tatry ( ski season ) had a great year and I guess that is where the figures are coming from 2013 …this year, just may be a bit different .

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