Slovakia Has 2nd Lowest Public Debt in Eurozone

According to the latest figures published by Postova banka, Slovakia has the 2nd lowest public debt level in the eurozone, standing at just EUR 5,000 per capita.

Bratislava Castle (c) The Daily

This is in sharp contrast to the EU average of EUR 20,000, and puts Slovakia in fifth place overall in the EU, well behind the likes of Ireland, Belgium or Italy, for instance, which have the highest levels of over EUR 30,000.

Slovakia is also better off than its Visegrad Four neighbours, with Hungary topping the bill at EUR 7,800 per capita, while the Czechs and Poles are closer to the Slovak level with EUR 5,400 and EUR 5,100 respectively.

In terms of GDP Slovakia’s public debt increased to 41% last year, while for the sake of comparison Greece is suffering a public debt level of 140% of the GDP.

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