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Slovakia Worst in EU for Judiciary Independence

It comes as no real surprise that the European Commission decided this week  to include Slovakia in the group of countries with prevailing problems with the judiciary, alongside Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Slovenia.

photo: Mike KirbyThe biggest shortcoming of Slovakia was in the lengthy proceedings in courts and the way the judiciary is set up, Foremost, Slovakia was ranked in bottom spot in terms of the independence of the courts, while coming third in the EU in terms of the number of active judges per capita.

The European Commission noted how the lack of trust in the rule of law in the country can act as a deterrent for investments, meaning the economy also suffers. Above all, it will take a long time to restore people’s faith in the judiciary thanks to the many dubious rulings made to date.


  1. So all the facts and stats and wonderful reports point to SK being near the bottom of every imaginable survey. So what’s the EU’s role? Simply to collate and publish the obvious? If there’s no carrot, no stick, 80% of the population votes for populist rejects, not even a small courtyard and long whip (to quote a slota) will take care of this place. EU bureaucrats and the piss head locals understand nothing will change so me thinks SK should be booted back to their controllers in Kiev or Moscow which unfortunately won’t happen with the glassy eyed shepherds watching the flock in Brussels. You really cannot even make some of the happenings in this country up. It’s just not possible.

  2. And what will they do to fix this issue?
    I have known so many Slovaks lately move to Ireland or Norway lately with no desire to return.
    This issue seems to be one reason.

    1. Matteo – There is no desire to fix the problem. The current “cock-up” suits all those who have the power to drive change.
      Slovakia is an oligarchy, pure and simple and until the average Joso wakes up to this fact it will remain so.

  3. Another report grading the SVK as the class dunce but will anything happen? Nah!….. too many vested interests to see real justice done in this country. They like it just the way it is – fixed!
    The number of judges only scrapes the surface of the true “costs” to the tax payer. A country with a total population smaller than Amsterdam or Manchester yet every one horse town has a court building (or two/three) full of none – job paper shufflers, uniformed thugs, tea-boys and all their spokespersons, whose sole purpose in life is to make everything as protracted as possible so as to ensure their cushy life styles.
    Like most things here – a joke and a disgrace!

  4. drip drip goes the obvious. Last, not even second last…but last in judicial independence. What a disgrace. There are not really that many problems with Slowvakia, but the few that exist are doozies!

  5. Printing the bleeding OBVIOUS …..

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