Slovaks Abroad Disturbed By Jobbik Gesture

The World Association of Slovaks Living Abroad (SZSZ) is perturbed about a recent incident involving Hungarian ultra-nationalist group Jobbik, when the head of the local section in Segedin, Peter Toth (ironically meaning Slovak), covered the Slovak names of streets in the town.

Toth made the gesture to protest against the Slovak language law, according to news server, citing Hungarian server Head of the SZSZ Vladimir Skalsky said Slovaks in Hungary “are, unfortunately, the victim of various provocations with every real or fictive turbulence in Slovak-Hungarian relations”.

At the weekend the opposition SDKU party said it expected the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to demand a full explanation from its Hungarian counterpart, even though it itself was never outspoken towards Hungary while in power.


  1. Oh Dear , I feel a Pee coming on ……….

  2. Point to note: The Slovak Language Law is being used as a feeble excuse for Slovakia not complying with some of the requirements of its membership of the EU.
    When I applied for my Residential I.D. card, the very charming and helpfull female police officer apologised profusely for not being able to provide me with anything in any language other than Slovak and explained that they had made repeated requests to BA for documents in various languages but had been ignored.
    The local tax office were excellent in giving details in spoken English and German but could not provide printed information.
    The Business Registry, The EU Business Development Agency, The Employment Centre and the Local Council are no go areas for foreigners unless you provide your own interpretor and even then they seem reluctant to give out the most basic information. The local tourist information centre is apparently for Slovak tourists only although they do have a few local guides written by Borat!

    1. yeah.and in uk state budget carries the burden of translators for over 70 different languages in London alone.’ll go with Slovak on this one.

      1. Seanchas – Yes the UK state does carry the burden of providing not only printed literature in almost every language under the sun but also providing intepretors, free of charge for specific issues. It is a requirement of of our EU membership and something we comply with – What’s Slovakia’s excuse?

  3. A bit childish but understandable.
    I just don’t see what the problem is. Slovakia is a country of different peoples with different languages and customs – so what. If you spent more time celebrating your differences and realise that they make the Sk what it is instead of trying to Slovakise everything and causing unneccessary divisions within the population you might actually start making some progress in this country.

  4. Yes something I love about Slovakia , the total lack of community . All me, me, me oh what`s in this for me . Counties thought Europe cross cross borders cultures etc …except the Ayran Slovaks ….who think they are a race alone . I watched part of the UK Jubbly concert on RTV last night ( God what a real inventive bit of re-branding from STV ! ) . This stupid Slovak nationalist Language Law made the Slovak moderator translate the words from the English Comedians and Compares, which often made no sense at when translated ! Thank God he he did not translate the songs words as well . BTW. Why did RTV have this UK prog at all …..???

    BTW . Does any think Rolf Harris had now turned into Dame Edna Everage ? …and how much brown nosing and `being ever so humble` can one man do in an evening ..? As for Paul Mc , if being a veggie does that to your face features, I am sticking to being a meat eater .

  5. This Hungarian nonsense always get Slovaks really susceptible. I remember in a discussion where a Slovak was complaining about how in some towns in Slovakia he could not understand the language in the shop labels and he was pretty pissed off about it. I suggested that if this was a national issue, perhaps some basic Magyar should be taught at school, I told him they should some how feel as well proud of their Hungarian heritage and minorities. Moreover, do as much as possible to support their minorities ancient traditions. Just as in Spain with Catalunya or any other province with their own language.. Long story short, I was told to shut up, Lol.
    Is this reaction somehow a former invaded country complex?

  6. This is a load of crap . I guess when Government gives you €1.152 million to slide into your own little pockets, as the XXSZ have had for many years , you do have to say something stupid and nationalistic just once in a while, to justify the huge sumto someone. As for Vladimir Skalsky who said Slovaks in Hungary “are, unfortunately, the victim of various provocations with every real or fictive turbulence in Slovak-Hungarian relations”…..Boy ….think of Mr Equal Opportunity for all , Jan Slota eh?!

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