Slovaks are happier than most to have the euro

According to a recent survey by Transatlantic Trends, Slovaks are more optimistic about having the euro currency than other EU member states.

Some 64% of Slovaks regard having the euro as positive, while the eurozone average is just 38%. The survey was done on 11 EU countries with 1,000 respondents in each country.

Another observation from the survey is that Slovaks are now much more interested in the U.S. foreign policy since President Barack Obama took up office in January 2009. The previous support in Slovakia was just 19%, but now it is 71%.

Slovakia’s attitude toward NATO has also improved, with support rising from 52% last year to 64% this year, making Slovakia one of the countries with the highest proportion of support in the 11 EU countries, after the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal and Romania.

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