Slovaks Flocking to Austria for Work

Following the official opening up of the labour market for Slovaks to work in neighbouring Austria in May, the number of Slovaks working in Austria has shot up.

According to the agency HVB, the Austrian labour market was the workplace for almost 16,00 employees from Slovakia in August, which translates as a year-on-year hike of 47%.

According to daily Hospodarske Noviny, the figure would allegedly be much higher if the Slovaks met the requirements of Austrian employers better, with even hotel managers complaining about the level of language skills.

The Austrian and German labour markets opened up in May to several countries, and so Austria has seen a sharp increase also in workers from Ukrainians, Romanians and Bulgarians, for instance.


  1. God no, I have a proper job here . Only low life, the IQ challenged, who can think of nothing else, work here as teachers of English . Most fail to make a living and go home to wipe toilets, thank Christ .

  2. From your comments here – and elsewhere – labelling Slovaks as thieves etc., please tell me you don’t work in Slovakia, and please God, if so, let it not be as an English teacher.

  3. Christ what level of language skills do you need to understand, now wipe the hotel room toilets Miro, or clean the kitchen floors with a toothbush Vlado ? These Slovaks are hardly being hired as rocket scientists .

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