Slovaks Have 43% Less Cash Than Average European

photo (c) The Daily.SK

A fresh Purchasing Power study conducted by the GfK agency during October revealed that the average disposable income in Slovakia are in the range of 43% lower than the European average.

The study, published yesterday, calculates the average annual earnings in the country at EUR 7,537, while the average for Europe as a whole works out at EUR 13,112. The ranking was topped by Liechtenstein, with Slovakia occupying 23rd spot from 42, beating its immediate neighbours, with the exception of Austria.



  1. and that is why there is soo much corruption …..

  2. Yes another unfortunate ranking due to the incompetence of the poitical machinery in the Slovak Nation. Too bad they can’t include the incomes of the 200,000 or more diaspora living in the EU, USA and Canada and earning double if not triple what the average at home Slovak is earning.

    1. ah yes , another Tic setting the world alight ….

  3. Wow, great to see that the Political guidance, and Neuvo elite, in this country have brought the nation and its peoples so far in 20 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Could never live off EUR 7,537,

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