Slovaks Split Over Benefits of EU Membership

According to the latest survey by the MVK agency, around half of the Slovak population would be more in favour of holding onto the country’s sovereignty than staying part of the European Union.

Bratislava Castle (c) The Daily

The poll, carried out between 5 and 11 January on 1,145 respondents, claims that 47.6% of Slovaks hold the opinion, while 37.6% would be willing to accept the risk that comes with the country’s membership in the EU, TASR newswire reports

The question put to the respondents was “What in your opinion should the stance of the Slovak Republic be in relation to the European Union?” where they had to choose between a selection of answers.


  1. Elephants and Donkeys can export to the dung heap!!!!!! Most of them are all crooked!!!! Maybe USA should change their flag symbol to ‘DON”T TREAD ON ME’,the peoples choice.

  2. `the hard knocks` ….surely you mean were the 2% like Romney and Gringo, who pay less percentage taxes than others and just get richer and the poor, cannot even get basic healthcare, in the richest country in the world .

    Obama is making greed a dirty word, clearing up the mess of 8 years under Bush & Cheney of unprovoked war, civil rights oppression and spend, spend, spend loas sharks ….and thank God . Time for a another peoples revolution in the USA, export the Elephants to the dung heap ..Occupy Rules OK !

  3. People in the USA wanted change and transformation with Obama and look what they are getting progressive socialism. We all can not have a padded life,we have to take the hard knocks at times. Sovereignty, what ever happened to REPUBLIC is that not what the SLOVAK REPUBLIC suppose to be? Might as well change the name as well as the state symbol (gorilla)

  4. Understandable reaction George, but I wouldn’t’ place too much credence on the research of a company that started out selling carpets etc -Obchodny Register-
    Quite how they extrapolate these figures with such a small sample defies logic.
    Enlightenment might be forthcoming if we had a transcript of the possible answers to the question the article speaks of.

  5. Great , so when Slovakia pay the EU back, some trillion euro that was poured in over the last 15 years and into all sorts of rail, road and other crap , then they can Fcuk off and keep their sovereignty….well as much as Jobbik lets them have .

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