Slovaks Top List in Growth of Immigrants to UK

According to an article in the UK’s Daily Mail online today, Slovakia has a faster rising number of people going to work in the UK than any other nation, with the top five spots all filled with countries from Central Europe.

White Cliffs of Dover (c) Tonderai

There is now about 1% of the total Slovak population living in the UK, with 49,000 of them heading to the UK in 2010 alone, which is the fastest rising number with a growth of 513% over 2004, when just 8,000 arrived, reports the daily.

The figures were compiled by the Office of National Statistics in the UK, and head of Migration Watch UK Andrew Green called it a “huge increase”, adding that this obviously had an impact on UK workforce, schools and housing. People from EU countries going to the UK are also entitled to various assistance, including unemployment and housing benefit.


COUNTRY                 2004                         2010                              RISE
1. Slovakia                 8,000                       49,000                           513 %
2. Latvia                     7,000                       39,000                           457%
3. Poland                   95,000                     521,000                         448%
4. Romania               14,000                      68,000                          386%
5. Bulgaria                11,000                      53,000                          382%



  1. It was funny the first time, George, fair dos. No need to get yourself stuck on repeat, though.

    As to the point, the Mail are (mis)using these figures to push a certain rather unpleasant anti-immigrant agenda over in the UK. The kind of thing you, as protector of the weak, scourge of the strong, Robin Hood and Janosik rolled into one etc etc, worked yourself up into a tizzy about a few times before now.

  2. As stated previously , one on those teachers . 10/10 for observation , zero for intelligence 🙂

  3. Just read the source article. I know, I know, should have done that first. Anyway, it is so unclear as to be meaningless. It says that 49,000 Slovaks CAME to live in the Uk in 2010 but that 521,000 Poles (a figure from the same column) ARE in the UK. Being in the country is, as we all know, very different to coming to live in it. The significance of the 1% figure, according to the Mail, is that 49,000 is about 1% of Slovakia’s own population. Actually a bit less but why care about accuracy when you’ve got scaremongering to do? (Talking about the Mail there, by the way, though the whole thing could have done with closer scrutiny.)

  4. ‘Slovaks now account for around one percent of the total population of the UK.’

    That would mean that there were, officially (which is important), well over half a million Slovaks in the UK. Doesn’t seem right to me.

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