Slovan Squeeze a 0-0 Draw in Champions League

Last night Slovan Bratislava took on Cypriot club APOEL in the 3rd qualifying round of Champions League, leaving the away game with an advantageous 0-0 draw.

It was not an easy night for the Belasi, and it was only thanks to some luck and a fine save from Matus Putnocky in the second half that they managed to hold onto the draw.

Slovan on a good night agaisnt Tobol (c) James Baxter

Slovan were holding back, afraid to let their back rank open up, while hoping to catch their opponents on the break, but there was not much happening in that area.

A shot from Jiří Kladrubský half way through the first half just went wide, but this only encouraged the Cypriots  to attack more, with Paulo Jorge coming up short of the post with a header.

They were even more determined in the second half, and the Belasi fans had their hearts in their mouths in the 63rd when Aílton ran through on his own only to miss a golden opportunity. Then another chance from Kontis, which Putnocký blocked at short range.

Filip Šebo had the chance of a header, but his height failed him as he couldn’t reach the ball.  APOEL had a few more opportunities as the match drew to a close, but they just didn’t have enough to finish off.

Slovan definitely have the upper hand now with the second leg at home, but overcoming the determined Cypriots will not be easy no matter where the match is, so unless Slovan pick up their play a bit, they just might not have what it takes.


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