Small Compensation for Students in Police Shooting

Interior minister Robert Kalinak, who a year ago refused to speak to two of the group of four students who had their car shot at by mistake by the police, has apparently coughed up EUR 3000 each for three of them from his own pocket, as the investigation by the Attorney General’s office ruled that the police had not breached protocol.

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (c) Martin Domok -

In June 2013, their car was stopped at a random road check and then when they were driving away some officers opened fire on them, putting several bullets in the car. Amazingly, none of the traumatised students were hurt, but they were held in uncomfortable conditions and positions at the side of the motorway for several hours afterwards. The car had previously belonged to a wanted murder suspect, but ownership had been changed several years before.

The team from the Ministry of Interior would not allow a video showing the whole incident to be admitted as evidence because the camera was “only in trial use”. They then shredded the video.

Thanks to the ruling of the Attorney General, the police officers will not be charged or reprimanded in any way.  As the ruling was not in favor of the students, the Ministry of Interior could not pay them compensation officially, and so minister Kalinak took it on himself to cover the agreed amounts, EUR 9,000 in total.

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  1. Are you kidding me? When will this government realize it is 2015 and international? a simple ( it wasn’t me) does not work anymore. Do you want protests? Keep on truckin.

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