Smer MP will still profit from MP flights

The recent shake up of public expenditure eventually turned its attention also to the travel costs of civil servants, MPs and ministers, and revealed a contract that was concluded under the former government with a company co-owned by Smer-SD MP Dusan Munko at the time.

Now TASR newswire reports that parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik has announced that the contract cannot be retracted and has a force of four years. The contract was concluded between Parliament and the company Satur Travel for the booking and purchase of flights.

The company Satur Travel, which MP Munko conveniently transferred to his wife and daughter, is for three years and is worth EUR 616,000, of which just EUR 509,000 has been depleted so far, reports TASR. Munko used to head social insurance agency Socialna Poistovna.

Sulik overturned claims made by daily SME that the contract could be terminated subject to certain conditions and that it was for just three years.

Sulik was disturbed by the fact that the contract was signed just six months before the elections. He says he will try to negotiate with the operator on better terms for Parliament, although he admits that the contract isn’t excessively overpriced, saying he has seen worse.

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