Smer-SD wants to block sale of heating companies

The opposition party Smer-SD of Robert Fico will try to halt the privatisation of the six heating companies planned by the government.

Smer-SD MPs have already submitted a draft amendment to parliament by which they hope to amend the Privatisation Act, essentially making the sale of heating companies illegal, and so ensure that the state holds onto its 100% stake in the companies.

The Smer-SD party feels that these heating companies are crucial in regions, as they provide heat and warm water for the population, and so should not be let go to private investors. Another concern of the party is that if taken over by private employers, there would also be job cuts in the companies.

The draft proposal of Fico’s shadow cabinet will be discussed in parliament at its session this month, along with other proposals from Smer-SD on how to deal with rising food prices, for instance, or its proposed special tax on banks. The party also wants to cut back the level of VAT from 20% to 19% again.

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