Smer-SD Won’t Fill Foreign And Economy Ministries

Smer-SD (c) The

PM in waiting Robert Fico is gradually disclosing his plans for who will head the various ministries and other key posts, and has revealed that the ministries of economy and foreign affairs would both be filled by non-party experts.

Before the elections, some speculated that Robert Fico wanted a coalition partner for his Smer-SD party so that he could pass off ‘sensitive’ ministries to them, but there was no coalition potential among the other 5 parliamentary parties and it wasn’t even required thanks to a landslide victory. If the economy goes astray, whoever is running the Ministry of Economy will take the wrap for it, after all, so maybe best not to involve the party directly.

The selected candidate to run the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is former foreign minister Miroslav Lajcak (2009-2010), who Fico believes would be the perfect man for the job. Lajcak has a rich diplomatic service history and is multilingual.

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