SNS Caucus Under Threat as Belousovova Plans New Party

Nationalist party SNS may have to disband its official caucus in parliament as it will now have just 7 MPs in parliament, with a minimum of 8 required.

Belousovova and Slota and their love-hate relationship (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

The problem arose after former prominent party figure Anna Belousovova officially left the caucus yesterday together with her sidekick Rudolf Pucik as they plan to set up a new party. Former party vice-chair Belousovova was kicked out of the SNS following a unanimous decision of the party’s 14-member executive committee on 2 February, claiming she has damaged the party’s good name.

Belousovova has said she will be establishing a new party and will start collecting the required support signatures at a press conference on Friday, where she will reveal more details about her new party. Both Belousovova and Pucik saw it as pointless to remain in the SNS caucus as they are being shunned anyway.

In response, head of the SNS caucus Rafael Rafaj said the SNS would continue with just 7 MPs. In customary fashion, SNS chairman Jan Slota shrugged his shoulders and wished both “the gentlemen MPs” the best of luck, before correcting himself and adding that they probably both wear trousers anyway.

The caucus could remain, though, as the directive for the establishment of caucuses is not totally specific, and so a final decision will fall to parliamentary speaker Richard Sulik. Sulik says he will look into the situation, and until he makes a decision later this week the SNS caucus will remain. He says he will consult it with his lawyers and head of the Constitutional committee Radoslav Prochazka from the Christian democrat KDH.


  1. I think you will find Slota actually cares very little about the Slovak nation . His rants of nationalistic drivel serves its purpose and gets the 5+% of the woodcutting, hero worshiping morons, to go out and vote for him, so he can be in a position of power, to make his sweet money deals .

  2. I don’t think there is much chance of Slota leaving politics, or at least the public eye, he craves the attention too much and will never give up on his mission to protect and save the Slovak nation, no matter how much lolly he has amassed.

  3. Hell have no fury like a woman scorned on all that ….

    Personally I think Slota is about to get out of politics and stop Funding the current SNS party . Time to retire to have a quiet life with all those EU funds and Tax payers Euro’s he managed to bank . After all, his chances of ever being in Government again are now at zip, due to all the found out fiddles & scandals and with Call me Anna ‘ the slap’ Belousovova, of then of his own political party, suddenly behaving like the good tooth fairy .

    I guess things today are not like the good old days, where you could arrange a sweet contract for your mate, increase the price by 100% and you could quietly get your bung and no one got to know, care or just accepted that this was normal business in my farts don’t smell Slovakia .

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