SNS expels Belousovova and wants her MP mandate

Belousovova and Slota always had a spark (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

Nationalist party SNS has expelled one of its leading members and former vice-chair, Anna Belousovova, from the party following a unanimous decision of the party’s 14-member executive committee today. They claim that she has damaged the party’s good name.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they also called on her to surrender her MP mandate. Her troubles started when she took on party leader Jan Slota for the party chair back in September 2010, but she lost the vote and was also stripped of her vice-chair position and other privileges since.

In preparation for this outcome, vice-chair Rafael Rafaj had a legal analysis prepared to see if the SNS caucus would have to dissolve from parliament for falling below the threshold of eight MPs, if her closest colleague Rudolf Pucik were also to leave the party in a show of solidarity.

Belousovova did not go to defend herself at the meeting and refused to comment after the decision was announced, saying only that she would inform the media tomorrow about her stance to the situation.


  1. […] Belousovova, who was kicked out of the SNS party after 20 years in what she referred to as a “cleansing”, made references several times to someone being personally responsible for the situation in Slovakia, because they had made mistakes in the run up to the elections. She was apparently referring to Jan Slota, but without mentioning names, as the SNS had bad results, which in the end meant the current coalition could take power. […]

  2. […] together with her sidekick Rudolf Pucik as they plan to set up a new party. Former party vice-chair Belousovova was kicked out of the SNS following a unanimous decision of the party’s 14-member executive committee on 2 February, […]

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