SNS Nominee Behind 100-Year Lucrative Contract

SME daily writes today about another dubious contract, this time from 2008 and involving the public institution Geodetic and Cartographic Institute (GKU) while led by Patrik Hensel, who was put in the post by the Slovak National Party (SNS).

Crony contracts at work (c) The

The lucrative rental contract is for storage and office space in Liptovsky Mikulas and is signed up to 2057 when the building will probably no longer even be standing (as if that wasn’t enough, there is even an extension option for an additional 49 years). The lucky company called Armagedon has seemingly been raking in some EUR 89,487 a month ever since, for a four-storey building that have only been used to store palettes.

The contract is ‘secured’ in the usual blatant way, meaning the state would have to pay a huge penalty to withdraw from the contract, namely 30% of the rent for the remaining period of tenure, which SME daily calculated at around EUR 14 million. Armageddon itself might come before this contract runs out.


  1. Another piece of interesting news . It would appear he Slovak National Party’s (SNS) has been stealing from itself .

    Disciplinary proceedings are underway against Uncle Jan, I read . It appears that the 140-year-old party has no more property assets, other than just one vibrating dilydo`s, two computers and two 1995 Lada cars . New SNS chairman Andrej Danko is leading the `where has our loot gone` charge .

    If found guilty, Uncle Slota – the former party chairman from 1994, could (Wait for it folks ! ) be rebuked, or have his honorary chairmanship withdrawn, or even expelled from SNS by its “party court”…..Sounds more like fun than being hit round the face with a wet fish ?………..All this is just up old Ga Ga`s `peoples court` ally !

    1. Explains where the Bentley, yacht and Med. villa came from!

      1. oh please the Bentley is what, seven years old now ???

  2. Hey, did I wake up in different dimension today . Forum Readers being critical of Slowvaks and not promo`ing this living, smelly cesspit, as the `land of milk and honey`.

    Perhaps Smug is right and I should actually start taking the pills ??

  3. The truly sad reflection of this story is that it has taken 5 years for this to be brought to light. Do they have an audit office? How many more empty buildings and probably buildings that don’t exist are being “rented”?
    Strange, names can be put to almost all the recently reported scams, fiddles and dodgy deals but no one ever faces the music. Common sense dictates that someone should be having their collar felt for this latest farce, but nothing will happen. There are too many people with their snouts in the trough who will never queer their own pitch by taking action against their fellow wallowers.
    Absolutely no point asking what the average punter thinks of this. You could film the political bandits stuffing their cases with cash and no one would say or do anything. It is the total apathy of the people that allows the so called “elite” to fleece this contry at almost every turn with impunity, the same numpties who keep voting for them.

  4. I think a little more accountability of the officials would not go a miss, one linked to pay would be good.
    They should get those lawyer’s employed by the bent Slovak elite, who appear to get any big crime boss/embezzler of the hooks on legal technicalities to pull that contract apart.
    Would in not be cheaper to pay the default and electronically archive the lot, at least employing a few hundred scanner operatives in the process rather than 1 forklift driver???

    But then that’s what i would do, and this is Slovakia, and of course everyone needs to get their cut/back hander..

    A Slovak once told me of a saying from communist times, that still seems to persist in officialdom today .. that is

    If your not robbing you employer, then you are cheating your children !!!!

    any comments 🙂

  5. How does a country advance to allow citizens better wages when acts like this continue? Does the average Slovak just accept or do they get even by cheating their fellow man? I’ve always said wages do not match the high cost of living here.

  6. It just never stops in Slovakia…If this is actually true, which probably is…you can only blame the Slovak people. Stolen monies after stolen monies and dubious contracts left, right and center. This one, build a warehouse and store skids at a cost of 89000 euros a month, for 100 years, brilliant scam. I wonder what the unemployed on their 150 or so euros a month think about that,…obviously not much

  7. Such honest people these nice nationalistic, Ayran, flag waving Slovaks ….just waiting for the Cyprus effect to hit this toilet of a country.

    Glad all my cash in a nice safe place outside of Slowvakia . I encourage all Expats ( not Cowpats of course ) to find their own private mattress to hide their loot in .

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